A Rainbow of Emotions!-I will miss you Husband-Part 8
|   Apr 03, 2016
A Rainbow of Emotions!-I will miss you Husband-Part 8

I was about to leave to my native place very soon to attend my brother-in-law's wedding.

It was the very first time in my married life of 3 years that when we were actually going to experience the long distance love. I was packing all my favourite stuff which were supposed to be my companion for months to come other than him . It was that day when the news of my pregnancy broke in this house and now I was leaving this place. That day too came when we were on the train to begin a new journey. Due to my condition we avoided a quick flight travel and went for 12 hours plus train journey. 

In that set-up too he took my utmost care to make me feel more ease and comfortable. I was lost in my own thoughts about spending the days to come without him wherein phone and WhatsApp were the sources to contact him. He spent a week with us and left for Delhi and since that day, I missed him every day, every moment.

Being with my big fat family still, there were times when I felt all alone and missed him terribly. Whenever my baby moved within me, I missed him all the more and used to whisper "wish you could feel this beautiful baby move". we exchanged pictures and spoke for hours, text each other many times during the day. He kept pacifying me that it's just a few days left for the wedding month and he will come down to see me and spend time with me.

The wedding function was great and our meeting after a good gap gave me some peace. Though I was not allowed to stay during the celebrations for a longer period of time. I used to visit my in-laws home for an hour or so every day and come back home, that was a bonus point for me as my family belonged from the same city. The year had heavy monsoons and while dropping back home he used to drive me back carefully and held my hand to climb up stairs slowly and followed me to my room  and leave.

 I had put on weight, my complexion turned tanned each day, the issue of breathlessness for some time a day was a normal affair. My aunt kept saying me that I will give them news very soon much ahead of my due date which was 27th of August.

I was out with mom and dad my routine check-up. The USG doctor said "everything is fine and the baby is healthy and right now you can see the baby is playing. You have no signs of c-section delivery and everything looks healthy and proper for a normal delivery." I felt good and I was ready for a normal delivery mentally unlike few months back I used to protest about it in the same of painful delivery. Don't know from where I got the courage to go for it.

After my call with him that night, I felt the urge to go to the restroom. Few minutes later back on the bed I felt some bubble blast kind of noise within my stomach and the next was......

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