A tale of two daughters!
|   May 11, 2016
A tale of two daughters!

Yesterday while watching the news a prominent channel announced about UPSC 2015 results and the news anchor mentioned that this time too girls have excelled in the selection procedure and the first position has been secured by a girl Tina Dabi.

This announcement gave me a kick and I visualized the world waiting outside for this young girl. Soon it was making rounds on all possible news channels.  I was stopped by ABP News as they were about to showcase the interview of this new champion.

Very soon a young and bubbly girl came on TV who was surrounded by her family and well-wishers. She was shining brightly as the moon, couldn’t stop her giggles and was high on energy. This young girl cracked India’s most premier exam in the very first attempt and at a very young of 22 and if we look around, we will find kids who are yet to decide what to do at this age/ some confused/some devastated. There could be various reasons for the same.

Tina’s mother was brimming with pride and happiness. Her voice expressed how delighted she was, as a mother she never underestimated her daughter‘s capability but, she didn’t expect such a fantabulous outcome as a UPSC topper. Indeed, it was a great piece of a story run by the news channel about hard work, dedication, patience and parent’s support.

The next story was totally opposite to what I witnessed some few minutes back. It said an 18-year-old engineering aspirant Kriti committed suicide in Kota. A place where end number of country’s medical and engineering aspirants join the race along with their parents for their respective career choices. Many succeed, many loose hopes, many come back home & some say goodbye forever. The girl couldn’t secure a good rank in her IIT main exam though she cleared her exam  and took this extreme step. Her last letter to her parents said about what led her to take such a drastic step. She clearly mentioned in the letter that engineering was never her passion but she was forced to go for it, whereas she wished to do something else. She was good in writing and loved literature. The poor soul even requested her father in the letter that never pressurize her sibling for the same.

It’s the most painful thing for any parent to experience the loss of a child. Had Kriti’s parents been really attentive to her wish, she could have been here with us, doing something she always wished to do, experiencing her first professional break, far away from parental stress and living her dreams in her profession but, the child was already burdened with heavy aspirations of her parents.

Coming back to the story of Tina, her mother is an engineer by profession which means she loved her subjects Maths and Science, but she never forced her child to follow the same stream rather Tina went for Arts in her 12th Board and Graduation level and now has set a bar for many others.

It’s time to decide and stop putting pressure on kids when it comes to career. To fulfill our dreams and gaining a prestige in the society do not eat up mental freedom and peace of your kids. Every kid is different by capacity, capability and preferences then who are we to mold them as per our wishes.

Once they realize that comfort from you then there will be no looking back and hard work will pay off.

So just let them BLOOM and BLOOM!

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