A Tribute to Indian Husbands - The self proclaimed genii
|   Feb 08, 2017
A Tribute to Indian Husbands - The self proclaimed genii

We, wives, are often counted as confused species, unskilled, someone with less of analytical power and much more. But hang on, why not we think about the weirdness and peculiar traits of the Indian husbands found in every Indian home.


Undoubted, it’s like love-hate kind of relationship wherein we wives love them for all those adorable things that they do for us and again at the same time, we do have a list of annoying things from their end to pump up our blood pressure. From fooling their wives to getting terrified by their mother-in-law’s visits & to be the absolute creator of chaos and mess at home.


I often give marks to my husband for good things he did for me and for negative points for making me annoyed with his acts and we do discussions over this too to ensure we learn and complement each other’s understanding.

In fact, as much as we may try to ignore all those irritating things, there are a few of them that they still do"

1)    Love like a Girlfriend: Want his wife to love him like a girlfriend, but not behave like one publicly. 

2)    A Born Chef: Cook everything that he likes and not what she knows.

3)  Career Oriented Woman: She should be a career woman and presentable amongst his peer group but should not earn more than him

4)  The Holy Saint: His Highness takes self to this category as he has allowed his wife to spend her salary the way she wants.

5) Gender Equality: Never believes in this and refers to this stupid logic that women can never be equal to men, they are bound to obey them.

6) The Treasure Hunt – Post office, flying up his shoes & socks up in the air and next day involving the whole family to hunt for the same.

7)The hunger pangs: Straight order coming from him to serve the food asap but, not coming to eat even after being called a million times. 

8)Happy Holidays: No matter he must be stinking badly with body odor but no bath on holidays and needs a privileged treatment whole day.

9)The Towel Saga: Women of different generations must have faced this historic act of men. Leaving the wet towel each day on the bed, arrggh, why can’t they understand that a towel needs air and sunlight to dry.

10)The Family Dress code: Pressurises wife to follow the dress code decided by his mother.

11)Rituals: Follow all family rituals burdened by his family patiently and need not complain.

12)The difference between Humour & Smartness: A wife should have a good sense of humour but she should not be enough smart to overpower him.

13)Dressing Sense: A wife should dress up good, but should not look attractive.

14) Selective Hearing: Easily misses out on noting things in his brain because of the nature of selective hearing

15) The Bathroom: Reading the newspaper in the bathroom and locking up self-inside it for hours without caring for the world outside.

16)The Good sleep: His good sleep means snoring away to glory and doesn’t care about his wife ear drums.

17) Always asking for things: Zillions times a wife will tell him the place of his belonging but, wives still have to take care of everything from their watch or wallet to the car keys or important files, mobile phones, from alpha to gamma they need an assistant.

18)The Mumma’s boy: Oh Yes! No if... No But... Only Mom is right and what the wife is always doubtful.

19)The Multipurpose Bed: Wherein they can eat, drink, sleep without much of hassle. Forget about cleanliness.

20)What’s Love?: Never know to express their love quite often – forget publicly not even secretly.

Readers are most welcome to add their pointers as well under comments. :) 

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