Don't allow your kid to battle with ill health
|   Oct 25, 2016
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Don't allow your kid to battle with ill health

I had met Sarita today nearly after a gap of 8 years. This time, she was not alone but was with her only son Kush. The boy was aging 4 years and looked too fragile and thin. Sarita was my college friend; she got married immediately after finishing the college wherein I chose to go for higher studies and then career. It was great to reconnect with an old friend after so many years.

Thanks to the bug of shopping that brought us on the common platform. We chose to sit for a cup of coffee to rejuvenate our good old days. Post finishing our old talks, the concentration was now on our kids. I so wished Kaavya, my daughter to meet Sarita as I had told her multiple tales about my friend. In between all this, I tried a lot to mingle with Kush, but it seemed he was not interested, looked fatigued and lost.

He preferred to be quiet and I witnessed the kid giving a tough time to Sarita over food. I imagined her state looking at the boy’s health condition and pale face that he must have been a fussy kid throughout. “Sarita, does he trouble you this way every day while eating?” I asked. My question was so apt and bang on that her emotions swayed like a flowing river and she said “Don’t ask, this is my life’s hardship, he just doesn’t eat properly, neither allows me to feed him. Look at his health, he looks like malnutrition kid. I am sick and tired of meeting and visiting doctors as he falls ill frequently.”

I understood her agony, any mother can get upset if her kid refuses to eat. “I hope you are giving him supplements other than food to meet his nutritional requirements if he is so choosy while eating,” I asked.

“Supplement as in what?” She asked.

“Like a health drink which covers goodness of natural ingredients like milk, wheat, and malted barley and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals,” I replied.

“Health drink? No chance. My mother-in-law is strictly against it. She never recommends it and her advice to give him plain milk and on his fussy eating habit she has a view that over a period of time, the kid will get into the habit of eating.” Sarita said.

I looked at her with no expression and had no words to express my concern on her recent statement. All I said “you are witnessing that he doesn’t eat an adequate quantity of food and this way he is missing on nutrition his growing body needs. He is prone to fall sick as deficiencies have made him more vulnerable and can limit his overall growth & potential.”

She looked me with a great surprise and was the mum for a while. I spoke up again said, “this poor diet habit will affect his brain development as well, his body needs an adequate amount of DHA,Choline, and other nutrients smart that help in brain development.”

“Please do away with your myths and judge tactically what is right for your kid for his right foundation and healthy growth.”

This time, she looked convinced and we discussed much more things such as what a slow brain development and weak immunity system can do to a kid.

It is very important that your child gets the proper amount of calories and nutrients in order for him/her to function at an optimum level.

Being a mother, we have to be responsible for our kids and we cannot choose to give up so easily or live in a myth because someone has said or suggested. Apply your sense too to analyze things and offer the best to your kid.

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