Get Sweetened this Diwali !
|   Oct 28, 2016
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Get Sweetened this Diwali !

India is a land of festivals.  Almost every month in a year has to do with events and festivals in any part of the country. A big festival like Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and show around the country.

The celebration of festival is not complete till your home is not surrounded by aromas rising from the kitchen. It’s been going on since generations that females at home are busy curating some of the finest recipes during special occasions. No celebration is complete without a touch of sweet. Desserts are always the highlight of every Indian festival. They add much more enthusiasm to the festive spirit. With Diwali around the corner, festivities have finally stepped in. Just like the multicolored rangolis are a must e at the entrances of our homes, there is nothing quite like a dessert table decked with a variety of Diwali sweets.

This Diwali, light up your homes with this festive dessert recipe. Use an oil like Sunny Oil which is healthy, light, cholestrol free and with the power of 5. Everyday ingredients and a couple of minutes are all you need to spread bright smiles and sparkle with satisfaction. Choose a sweet dish that goes with everyone’s taste bud and can live your guests craving for more.

As I am a Bengali and a sweet tooth without fail. I would love to mention here my favuorite recipe Patishapta, a popular Bengali dessert. These are thin crepes made with refined flour, rice flour and semolina. Stuffed with a tasty coconut and jaggery filling.


For the batter:

1 cup refined flour / maida

1/2 cup sooji

1/4 cup rice flour

1 1/2 to 2 cups milk

Oil, to cook the patishapta


For the filling:

3 cups grated coconut / khoya

2 Tbsp sugar / date jaggery

3-4 green cardamoms


For the filling:

In a wok mix grated coconut or khoya with sugar or jaggery and place it over low flame. If making with khoya, add little milk.

Add cardamom in it.

Keep stirring the mixture till it gets sticky. Keep aside to cool. The process will take 15-20 minutes.

For the patishapta:

Take maida, sooji and rice flour in a bowl.

Add milk. Mix it carefully not making any lumps. Keep the mixture for half an hour.

Heat the non stick pan. Put  a little oil. Pour a thin layer of the mixture on it and spread it quickly with the laddle.

Put the filling lengthwise at the center of it and roll it. Wait till the colour is light brown.

Place it on the plate. Serve hot or cold.

Tip: You can pour condensed milk over it before serving.

Eat guilt free without the fear of gaining weight, only if you are using the right oil in right proportion.

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