How I covered the wet spots while breastfeeding my child
|   Aug 08, 2017
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How I covered the wet spots while breastfeeding my child



It’s difficult, to sum up in words the feelings of a mother for her child. Every mother has a notion that she is blessed to be gifted with the most adorable child on this planet and whom she loves in abundance. She would do every bit to make her kid happy and see him grow healthy. There used to be a time when I enjoyed taking caring of young kids at home and looked forward to playing with them and hug them tight and shower endless kisses on them.


Things changed overnight when I conceived and dreamt every day of holding my small and precious part one day. Finally, the day arrived and since then everyday looks awesome to be cherished with my little one. His height comes above my waist now, a small and bright face, two naughty eyes, a pair of cherry lips make my day even though a hectic day at work that had annoyed me some time back.


Being with him every day a is  a learning process. I still remember, my first attempt to breastfeed him in the hospital when I was out of my slumber as the effect of Anesthesia had left me. I sobbed as he didn’t co-operate first few times for breastfeed. My head was getting narrower with doubts and thinking that what if he keeps behaving this way and my breasts dry up and then I will not be able to enjoy this beautiful part of motherhood. Luckily my matron was a cheerful lady, who not only encouraged me to try it at frequent intervals but also sat next to me avoiding her busy schedule.


My body experienced pain because of C-section delivery no matter whatever position I took to breastfeed. Slowly, the fear had taken a back seat and I was a confident mother and was able to handle my little one alone and feed him. The vacation of maternity got over and I had to resume work. I wished to continue breastfeeding knowing the importance of it. Breast milk contains the right balance of nutrients to help your infant grow into a strong and healthy toddler. Some of the nutrients in breast milk also help protect your infant against some common childhood illnesses and infections.


The distance between home and office was of 25 kms. The routine was to leave home at 8 in the morning and hit back home only after 12-14 hours of gap. My work profile involved client interaction, media visits, internal meetings, impromptu business development meetings. I needed to arm myself with something which could give the confidence to deal with day to day to do list and make me a Smart Mom too.


I was back in my shape and preferred wearing western clothes. A smart product like Breast Pad came to my rescue during those days. I had heard reviews about it, but until, I tried it and felt the difference. My suggestions for new moms who are thinking to resume work should look for a product like breast pad which is of high quality and it will be soft in texture, absorbent and breathable in nature, keeping your skin dry is equally important. You will be mind free from the thoughts of miss like leaks and lines. Maintaining breast hygiene is very-very important hence, you must check if the product speaks about innovative antibacterial fabric. It also helps to prevent irritations and rashes.


What stops you then to make the right move to win your dreams and create your own successful world!

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