I don't belong to this place! - A True Story
|   Nov 24, 2016
I don't belong to this place! - A True Story

"I don't belong to this place," Rusha said to her mom. "Did you hear that mom, I don't like staying here with you all." Kavitha stood still and kept gazing her daughter's face. She was in a state of shock because what she heard some time back those few depressing words from her little girl broke her to the core.

Rusha left from the living room area and went straight into her room and yes she banged the door on her mom's face who followed to stop her. Kavitha was tearful as words by her daughter were not only harsh, but showed her the mirror too. She remembered how happy she was when she was expecting Rusha. What a beautiful day it was when she came into this beautiful world, the celebration of her first-time arrival at home from the hospital. 

How happy Kavitha & Anand were holding their world in their arms and today the world looks upside down. Anand is out of the country for a few days and the timezone restricted her to call him immediately. Kavitha was an ambitious woman who was associated with a large conglomerate. When Rusha came into her life, professional priorities started taking a backseat because of personal responsibilities. She was not happy seeing all this but had no choice too. After much of brainstorming, she decided a short cut to maintain professional independence and got Rusha admitted into a boarding. Anand tried a lot to convince her saying as a mother you need to slow down as right now the kid is our priority and needs our maximum attention especially yours.

Kavitha suggested that let her get adjusted to the boarding environment for few years. On the other hand, she will be meeting few investors to start her own venture and then can have ample of time for her daughter. This decision was sealed by the couple and Rusha moved to Bangalore to a boarding school at the age of 7.

Initially, the child did a lot of emotional upsurges to avoid the hostel life, but all  in vain. Now her stay at home used to be during summer vacations or her parents used to travel to Bangalore during the Christmas break, but as time passed by, Rusha used to meet her parents during summer break only.

Kavitha had left her heavy salaried job and got much busier than before with her new venture. Time flies, Rusha is now 14 and back to her home as her Kavitha's venture is now set and gearing up.

But now all this success is pinching her as her daughter said “I don’t know how to stay with you all, I am finding it difficult to adjust here. I need my space, so it’s better you send me back to the hostel.”

“Where I went wrong?” Kavitha murmured. I gave her best of the best toys, dressed up in the most exuberant clothes, gave her money for her wishlist and what not and today it’s depressing to witness this treatment.

It’s a true and sad story. I have no doubt that Kavitha loved her daughter the most, but her hope to achieve a blooming business affected her equation with her daughter. Her daughter had lost family attachment and closeness to home activities.

Now a days, its become a trend. When both the parents are working, they find this an easy way out to put children in the hostel as they hardly have time to look after. Many argue that a hostel life makes a kid disciplined and more focused. Here they fail to see that a child is in need of much parental love and guidance which develops the emotional, mental and physical well-being. As parents, we need to give quality time to our kids.

Being away from parents a child is deprived of the pleasure of looking back towards the fond memories of his childhood coz those days were spent in the hostel.

I have also come across cases wherein some children once sent to hostel do not want to go home even during the holidays. Such kids feel alienated from their parents, who they say pampered them for the first and last few days of their holidays. For the rest of the vacation, the kids felt ignored, as the parents got involved in their daily routine.

Once, our kids are more grown up and matured, they anyway have to go out for higher studies or job, till then keep them in your nest as long as you can to shower our affection and care.

Nowadays, Kavitha is trying her best to put the broken pieces together. I hope and pray that she succeeds one day.


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