I feel pity on you.
|   Mar 06, 2017
I feel pity on you.

A mother does her level best to give birth to a healthy baby. Those 9 months of her life whether she is expecting her first issue or it’s about adding another bud in the family, she takes her utmost care so that the baby gets a strong and sound foundation.

Though she may be ignoring her health earlier or been skipping meals, used to munch junks but the period of pregnancy is enough to change her mindset. After a long wait of 9 months, when she gets the first sight of her child, the pain, anxiety, and harassment go away within seconds.

How about such mothers who couldn’t deliver a totally fit or healthy baby? The baby was born with some kid of deformity in physique or a down syndrome baby or speech-hearing-visibility issue. This sight is enough to break mother’s heart and she is likely to question God many times “Why me? Why my baby has to go through all this? She pleads “You can give me pain in the ways you wish, but make him sound.”

She gets extra cautious for her that kid who is different and special from others. It is a good sign if her family members support her in raising such a kid and not think as a burden on the family. We come across cases wherein such special do not get adequate from their immediate except parents or in some cases only the mother is his sole supporter. There are many live examples around us wherein special kids have proven their mettle and went way ahead and achieved what many fully disabled people couldn’t do.

Their path to success is not easy as they have to fight within themselves to achieve the task and the limitations they possess. Then the kind of people around them who mock them or give them the title of losers and think they are useless. Someone like Radha Ravi in a Public speech during DMK leader MK Stalin's birthday celebrations made an insensitive mockery of children with disabilities. His speech was completely inhuman and the people listening to this filth were laughing.

The politician was seen with mocking gestures & narrated a story of two disabled children pleading to join a game and the manner in which they are rebuffed by other children.

Such an act has certainly hurt the sentiments of parents and children. This can no way be called as Freedom of Speech or a mistake done unknowingly. It just makes us understand the mental blockage of a senior person like him who turned this serious issue into a laughing stock.

Can we expect a healthy atmosphere for our kids if our society is filled with such pitiful brains?

I don’t belong to any political party nor a hate blog against anyone. I am a mother who is completely hurt by this old man's gestures.It’s just we need to raise our voices against such legends and who go insensitive in order to garner shutterbugs. They have no right to serve in our society or to win heavy votes and get treated like a king.

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