Parenting– The journey of many gifts
|   May 04, 2017
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Parenting– The journey of many gifts

Every time my toddler runs towards me announcing the word (Chot) whenever he is hurt during his activities. I whiff around his injured finger or head or foot and say some calming words to him and very soon he is seen back into action.

I have understood that my touch and talks work as an immediate healing element for him. He soon forgets his pain, stops crying, looks cheerful and gets normal. There were a couple of incidents at home which made me realise that he needs my love, compassion, and trust more than anyone.

I Love listening to FM while working in the kitchen. That day I had given an off to my cook and was busy preparing our staple Sunday meal – Chicken biryani. The FM was playing back to back good old numbers and I was enjoying my day. Soon, I heard a sound in the kitchen, turning back I found that my cute FM set was lying on the ground in a malfunctioned position.

Joy, the genius wanted to hold it but his hands lost the balance and the device was resting at peace. I saw that the set had hurt his left foot and he was crying. As he felt that mom is angry on it, he in the limping state went ahead to pick up the radio without caring about his pain. I felt too bad, that the kid noticed the anger brimming into my eyes and did something to pacify me first rather than coming towards me for help.

The second incident was he was running in the dining area with the glass full of water. During this drill, some amount of amount had spilled on the floor and in return, he slipped and had a bad fall. I came running towards him to hold him but he pushed me away and went ahead to pick up the mopping cloth from the kitchen and kept it on the spilled water and looked at me.

I got tearful and held him up in my arms and made him rest on my shoulder while rubbing ice on his head. I was taken aback with his gesture, was I being too strict on him? Is he getting scared of my reactions? Is my work taking away my mental peace that I lose my anger? So many questions came to my mind.

When I can take care of everything so well right from his food, to the kind of hygiene to be maintained in the kitchen, updated medical kit, his clothes, bedding, do’s and don’ts list has been given to his caretaker. How can I not play my part perfectly when it comes to giving him emotional support all the times even during his biggest blunders as he is still learning?

In order to give your child a happy state of mind, one must give due importance to his emotional needs. They are as important for the child as the so-called essential needs for food, shelter, clothing and medical care.

Things have changed now, every day he comes running to me with the word “Chot” and I give him the best healing treatment without any anger or frustration. It looks like sometimes, that he is testing my patience and love both at the same time.

On his mischievous activities, I don’t lose my temper anymore even if he gets hurt by it. I just ask him to go easy and give him my healing touch and talk.

When a child feels secure in his early years, he is more likely to grow up to be a caring and loving adult.

As a mother, it is important for me to first create an environment which is “Best For My Baby”.

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