She came out to be a CHAMPION! - Part 2
|   Aug 11, 2016
She came out to be a CHAMPION! - Part 2

The next day, Rajat rushed to the office early morning, Malabika kept trying his phone the whole day and there was no revert from his end. That evening, when he came back his eyes were moist and he looked disturbed. The reason was due to some miscommunication his company missed a big order from a client as the production plant couldn’t deliver the right sample and the correct bid was not presented too. Rajat was handling this project, the account was so big and its unsuccessful deal echoed till the head quarter.

The blames came on Rajat mostly as others played smart and slyly. Slowly, he started losing interest in his job due to this blame game, he couldn't take the corporate politics, defamation and unprofessional behavior of his boss and one find day he resigned.

Malabika kept boosting up his morale and made him understand that everything will be alright, but it seemed that their bad luck wasn't over yet. For a couple of months, Rajat got no break. Now things started becoming little different at home due to other financial commitments and investments  and being the sole earner Rajat was looking into everything.

One night after dinner, Rajat was sitting in the balcony lost in his own thoughts. She offered him a cup of coffee and sat next to him as she had put off the baby to sleep. She was equally disturbed to see someone who was so jovial, full of life and sharp was looking dull and pale due to mounting worries. He looked at her and said, “Can I ask you one thing?” Malabika expressed a yes through her eyes. “Will you resume work?” he said. She was not at all expecting this from Rajat and looked dumbstruck. Rajat shook her up. She did not look confident and said “I don’t think so I can do it. It’s been three years now, I have no market value left, the world has moved ahead and I am still there. No contacts from the industry. With a baby, I am finding it all the more difficult.”

“I understand your apprehensions, but I need your support at this hour. To me, everything looks ending and we need to come out of this.” Rajat said. That night they spoke for hours and he some how convinced her to look for a job now.

Malabika had no clue that she should start from where. She hardly had any contact left as she was stuck with domestic affairs only. Luckily, she had an account on a social media site and that came as a saviour. She reached out to her friends, some responded, some messages were still unread.

Luckily, after a 20 days exercise, she got a break with a media firm with the help of a friend with whom she started her professional career. Rajat opened his arms for her as she gave the news to him and she cried too as she was getting back into the world where she belonged. She worked hard to fulfill the needs of her family and attain financial security still, it’s a thankless world. She was often remarked by her mother-in-law with why the clothes are still lying dirty, why are the clothes hanging in the bathroom, baby’s bottles and food must be ready before you leave home, there is so much dirt around how can you live this way and much more.

She used to cry all the more facing all this after the hardship she was doing, but Rajat was there to give her the patience and power to fight against all odds, though at times, he too used to be angry with her but that was circumstantial. Malabika received her appraisal in the first six months due to her great performance. That day she thanked Rajat for giving her the chance to fight in this situation.

So finally, the dawn came and Rajat too got a very good offer again after 8 months of a break but, this time, he never told Malabika to stop working and chasing her dreams because she was worth it and she earned it.

Every woman is vulnerable and strong too whenever given a chance. It's never too late to identify your spark and move ahead to prove yourself.

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