This Monsoon let's make kids drool over homemade healthy and flavorsome food
|   Sep 16, 2016
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This Monsoon let's make kids drool over homemade healthy and flavorsome food

A mother’s utmost happiness lies in feeding her kid & it’s the most pleasure giving task for any mother in the world. If a kid completes his full meal, it brings a spark on her face as if she had a hearty meal.

Till the time the kid is totally dependent, it’s a cake walk for mothers to set their eating habits. A grown up kid is aware of the world around him and has set preferences and choices.

In the season of monsoon, we all plan outings with our family. The lovely weather, cool breeze, cloudy sky sets the mood of going out. Your locality and other eatery joints will be flooded with all possible tempting cuisines. Kids will make no stone unturned to binge on them again and again.

Halt right there! While the rain may bring you respite from the killing heat of summers, it also brings with it a series of infections and the occasional flu and kids are prone to get infected easily. This is the time when most children suffer from low immunity and are more susceptible to airborne and waterborne diseases like common cold, viral fever, diarrhea, jaundice, malaria, etc.

It becomes a common concern for many parents about their kids falling sick.  Every eatery joint does not promise a healthy and hygienic way of cooking. The kitchen set up, the variety of materials used for preparing a dish and most importantly the kind of oil being used in the food matters a lot when it comes to health safety.

The best way to combat this is by giving them a healthy balanced diet straight from mom’s kitchen. Their diet should be rich in all vitamins and minerals which can boost their immunity. Prepare dishes to tempt your kids’ taste buds and they should be left for asking for more. Some easy and tasty monsoon recipes for kids could be Bread Rolls, Sandwiches, sweet and sour corn, momos, paneer pakodas, potato wedges.

Good and light oil like Sunny International Lite Oil is a good option to cook the above-mentioned recipes as the oil is cholesterol free and has vitamins A, D & E.


It is important to arm our kids against these ailments to make the most of the lovely weather.  

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