Ye bada ho kar kya banega?
|   Jan 19, 2017
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Ye bada ho kar kya banega?

The arrival of a new baby brings many changes to a family. The excitement and happiness of parents is immeasurable and they spend a lot of energy on preparations, and after the baby arrives, much of the family's attention involves caring for the newborn.


A very common scenario is witnessed in Indian family when your baby is growing up. The thought of his/her future or career comes to everyone’s mind. “Ye Bada Ho kar Kya Banega?” It’s important to notice and enjoy how family members predict a baby’s upcoming future through his/her activities.


If your baby is good at dismantling and assembling toys, he will be called as a future engineer. Too much painting on home walls gives him the title of an artist. Her constant hums are named as an aspiring singer and so on. Though the child is doing all these activities as a fun tool and it keeps his engaged and he has hardly any idea about the mad world outside.


It gives me butterflies when someone predicts such beautiful things for my son too & I am always trying hard to build a solid foundation as far his health is concerned in these initial years where I am his most important source of well being. For his any need he is solely dependent on me. I am thankful to my mom who has been great support system strength to me when it came to take care of my son when I was working in a hectic atmosphere and even now.


She always tells me “that develop good eating habits in the kid today and you will not be worried whenever he moves out of your nest.” Today’s competitive environment requires a holistic development of your kid which means not only studies but involve your little one in other social and sports activities.


With the advent of nuclear families, a mother gets all the more alone when it comes to take care of a tiny tot. No matter how hectic day one can have at work or in a bad mood I never fail to feed him from my own hands. It gives me immense pleasure that his tummy is full. A strong and healthy body means a strong immunity system, proper brain development, proper functioning of body parts and organs and a sound overall growth.


What I do today and the amount of care I take of him, develop healthy eating habits to create a sound mind and body for my kid. Adding an adequate health drink assists me in completing the amount of minerals, vitamins and nutrition required by him and missed in meals as kids are known as fussy eaters.


All my efforts, hard work and running around feel worth to me as I you happy and glowing. My world is you and I want to make sure that I set the right foundation for you today and the times to come so that you are efficient and energetic to march ahead.


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