Summer Activity #1 for Kids-Letter Beads Bracelet!
|   Apr 12, 2017
Summer Activity #1 for Kids-Letter Beads Bracelet!

Holidays have started for my daughter and like every mom I too am worried as to how to keep her busy. She loves swimming and hence I have enrolled her for a swimming class which is from morning 8-9 .After that she is free till evening when she goes out to play with her friends.

I have planned a few activities for her which would keep her busy for 1-2 hours. I would be writing them in next few blogs. My daughter is 4 years old. So the activities would be suitable for a 4-5 year old kids. Here comes the first one of the lot!

Beads interest my daughter a lot and she loves to make beads jewelry. I usually get beads for her but this time to add some educative value to it, I decided to get beads with letters, so that she can prepare bracelets for her cousins!

So I bought these beads from Amazon, and the lace from a local store.



She first wanted to start with her brother’s name and then we did hers

I wrote her name on a whiteboard and then she searched for the beads and kept them below each letter.

The next step was moving these inside the string. Here she was moving them haphazardly, so I had to guide her than all have to be in

one direction !

Her bracelet was ready! To make sure the beads don’t fall out, we tied both knots at both the endsJ


She then did this for her cousins and spent 1 hour doing that.

Advantages of the activity:

  • Learning of alphabets and spellings too. You can use it for creating words other than names. My daughter could remember the spelling of  her brother’s  name after this exercise
  • Hand eye co-ordination and concentration can be increased using this activity.
  • They learn to sit in one place and do things J

Here are a few Don’ts:

  • Take care that the child does not swallow the beads. It might be dangerous
  • For kids of small age, do not take beads with very small holes. It would be difficult to put the string in it and the child will get irritated
  • If you have a child who you think will throw away the beads, then better don’t buy them Jwe had a little guest at home who threw away my daughter’s beads and they just vanished!

Do let me know if you try this activity for your kids!

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