Summer Activity #7 Help in the kitchen
|   Apr 22, 2017
Summer Activity #7 Help in the kitchen

So it was now time for helping mom in the kitchen.Daughter dearest is very much interested in household work.And it was Saturday ,so thought of doing some household work together

It is mango season and Aamras time.Daughter dearest wanted to help me in making Aamras.

So we first took out the ripe mangoes and daughter dearest counted them(mom in me never let's me give up on teaching..Haha)

Then she had to wash the mangoes.Ofcourse I helped her.She said there are pesticides sprayed on mangoes hence need to wash properly.huhh! Here's some teaching for me from her.hehe...

Now she had to soften these!She had to put a lot of pressure and this turned out to be a good hand exercise

Finally she took out the juice from the mango.We revised one seed and many seeds concept while doing this!She was getting a bit messy but I must say was doing really well

This was followed by adding some sugar and cleaning up the place

All in all I must say that although a bit messy,this activity was enjoyed a lot!Daughter dearest also gulped some mango juice while preparing it and enjoyed this.I told her my childhood stories when we used to just hog on mangoes.We had a great time together!

In the evening she prepared some lemon sherbat for us which was really yum!She has mastered this art now and prepares a really perfect sherbat .Just need to cut the lime and give to her  and she does the rest.My lil master chef ☺️

What are the household activities that you do with your kids?Do let me know .What are your experiences with the kids in the kitchen?

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