Travelling with lil monsters!
|   Mar 14, 2017
Travelling with lil monsters!

I and my husband are avid travelers. After having kids we really wondered if this was a full stop to our travel plans but thankfully it just turned out to be a comma . We resumed travelling after our child was about 6 months old and it never stopped after that.

To start off the first thing that I did was Google on “Tips on Travelling with Kids”. Google provided some lovely tips but as they say “Travel is the Best teacher” and so I learnt many things from my experiences.

Here are a few tips that I can share:

  • I think the most important thing is to prepare your child for the travel. You can tell them all the fun you are going to have. However small they may be but they surely register it in their mind. Sleep Talk is of great help here.That is altogether a different topic but just to introduce it when the baby goes to sleep you can say few positive things about travel like “You are going to sleep in the flight and enjoy your stay in xxx place”. Believe me sleep talk can work wonders
  • If you are doing air travel then you need to be extra cautious while the plane takes off and while landing too. This is the time when kids’ ears get closed and they start crying. Give them something to suck and if you are still on breast feeding then feed the child
  • While travelling, if you are with an infant there are certain exemptions that you get. Please check them beforehand .For e.g. there is a separate queue for parents with infants while boarding the plane. I have seen these people still standing in the general queue with their infants crying along inconsolably as they are bored and all tired with so many people around.
  • Baby carriers can be very useful during travels. There is wide variety of baby carriers available in the market. There are prams and then there are options available for baby wearing also. Choose which is best suited to you.
  • During travel, keep a separate space for your baby however small they might be. If they are cramped up then they are surely bound to cry.
  • We all get bored during our journey and so do kids. Keep some of their favorite toys handy. Technology can also prove to be useful here with so many apps in your mobile phone which the kids can enjoy
  • Keep a travel plan which is more relaxed. Normally if you would see say 10 places in a day then reduce that to 5.Also look for kid’s friendly places. If you are planning to carry your toddler to a museum then they are bound to get bored. Choose a zoo or a park instead which would keep them interested
  • Be well equipped Prepare one bag having all the babies essentials. Keep easy to change clothes, diapers and wipes in it.I have already mentioned about packing in my earlier blog ‘Packing is fun’
  • Try to keep the kids as comfortable as possible during the travel. Weather changes do affect the kids. Try to minimize the effect as much as possible. If it is too cold keep them warm and if it is too hot then carry the summer wear, caps which can save them from the scorching heat.
  • I think when it comes travelling with kids the most important issue is of food. You can carry fruits; Cerelac for babies which can be prepared in hot water, milk can be substituted with flavored milk. I personally use an electric kettle on the trips. I use it for boiling water (read it as mineral water. Now that’s what a mom is like!), preparing rice, upma etc. It is very handy and does not disturb my baby’s routine/eating habits.
  • Don’t stress yourself much even if your child doesn’t eat properly or misses a meal. Just remember that you are going to be back at home in just a few days and the child would be back to his normal routine. But do remember to keep them hydrated all the time.

In spite of all the precautions you take, even if your child falls ill after going home don’t get disheartened. This is bound to happen because of change in weather and that doesn’t mean you don’t plan a trip ever again.

Also your trip won’t be as picture perfect as it was when you were just a couple. There would be a few misses, few places which you had to skip. But at the end of the day if you and your child have had a great time together then the trip was all worth it!

So girls these are my tips. What are your tips? How do you keep your kid comfortable during travel?

We would also like to hear the best trip that you had with your kid and also a moment in the trip when you felt like running away: D


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