Fat and loving it!
Fat and loving it!

Imagine during a party filled with cold, anorexic socialites,  this overweight woman walks up. She's met with the usual "Oh , you're looking so fat" comment.' But this time instead of getting embarrassed , discussing 3 fad diets and starving herself through the party,  she blushes and says "Oh thanks , that's really nice of you" without a hint of sarcasm. Talk about dead silence and disgust in the group!

We've diametrically different views about almost everything, I mean some people even consider Rahul Gandhi worthy of being the PM! Then why is weight such a black and white issue? Why is fat the Satan?  We see people with liposuction priding themselves for being slim. Then we too can be proud of our weight.

And now the critics will slam me with their 'being overweight leads to diseases' argument. Well it's time we realise being overweight and obese aren't the same things.  I agree there are some lifestyle issues today which lead to toxicity in the body. But not everyone gained that weight by tucking into fries and cold drinks. The reason for weight gain is not limited to eating habits but a variety of issues like genetics,  body structure,  stress and medical issues. Let's respect that and not force such people to starve themselves to death.

I know it's the biggest weight gain cliché but  I have to say Adele comes as a saviour during such times. Despite being overweight she continues to top the charts and garner the accolades, beating her slimmer contemporaries (Beyonce and Rihanna for instance). You have to give this woman credit for making even  Karl Lagerfeld apologise for questioning her individuality.  Now this huge star has every aid on earth to help her lose weight but she's rather proud about it.

We keep talking about how beauty is skin deep and weight doesn't matter.  But at the end of day we fall prey  to the society's norms.  The culprit for all this furore is that the society has a set perception about beauty and wants everyone to adhere to it . So not only a fat woman even stick thin ones need to be taunted. They want everyone to be a clone with no uniqueness. Uniqueness is a cause for standing out in the crowd and when everybody looks the same, no one is a threat.

As far the "weight doesn't matter" issue is concerned , I'd say it does.  Beauty is a cause of concern for every woman. It makes her feel good about oneself. But who sets the standard for beauty? And who said fat can't be beautiful? It's all about your perception. Let's start loving ourselves. So the next time someone calls you fat , thank them for the compliment with a smile; it would kill them!

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