Bachpan – Version 2.0
|   Dec 01, 2016
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Bachpan – Version 2.0

With tiny hands and feet,

And a faint smile so sweet,

We come into this world,

And become our parents' heartbeat


Thus starts the cycle of receiving love,

In one form too many,

The cuddling, the kissing, the bathing, the maalish,

And listening to the new made-up language parentese, oh so funny!


We break into our first hearty laughter with peek-a-boo,

And pull our first silly face with the taste of khatta lime,

There is one constant through all our ups and downs,

Our primary caregivers, their affection, love, care and time


Then many years down the line,

After we have crossed plenty of milestones,

Of school, college, work and love,

And sometimes breaking of hearts and bones


There comes a time for many of us,

When suddenly the world seems new,

Our heart starts beating outside our bodies,

Once again childhood comes calling, worries are few


Now it is time to give back that love that we received,

The pampering, the cuddling, the nurturing with care

This is the cycle of love that travels through generations,

What we possess inside of us, we ought to share


The same people who cared for us when we were young,

May not be around to take care of our little ones,

But there are some memories, some feelings and smells,

That come in quaint bottles that we recognize at once


And all of a sudden, we are teleported to our bachpan,

Of maalish time by maami and nahai time by nani

We promise ourselves to give the same love forward,

And so do our kids, when we become grandpa and granny

Some things are lasting, they say

Like forever jalne wale diye,

J&J is surely one of those brands,

The ones they call sadiyon ke liye  :)

-------------  X X ----------------

Check out this new mom’s video of moisturizing her little one with J&J lotion -

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