Friends - Our Chosen Family
|   Aug 07, 2016
Friends - Our Chosen Family

From the age that we start to crawl, to the age that we begin our crawl towards the grave, if there is one thing that makes the struggle of life all worth it, it is the love of family and friends. You may think that you’ve come on earth to do great things, earn money and fame, live adventurously and live to build legacies while you are here, but do you think any of it would be half as enjoyable and satisfying without the celebrations in the blessed company of your loved ones? Happiness multiplies when there are people who truly rejoice in your success. Sorrow becomes easier to deal with when there are hands to hold and shoulders to cry on. Day to day struggles dissolve when you can vent frustrations and just talk it out with someone who won’t judge you. And life truly enriches when we include people in our lives that were not tied to us through the relations of blood but simply through a connection of souls.

In family, we look for the familiar. We are most attracted to the aunt who thinks like us and more connected with the cousin who talks like us and so on. People generally tend to be less excited about the family member who is vastly different from them. But in friendship, I feel, this is not so. We get attracted to different personalities and feel impressed with people who have different interests and accomplishments from us. This attitude of acceptance helps us widen our horizons and learn so much more than we would otherwise have learned by being in our comfort zones. And as life moves along, many family members become like beloved friends and many friends become as indispensable as family. That’s the beauty of these relationships; you can try as much as you like to define them but their essence transcends all societal norms and simply encompasses your life with joy.

I am blessed to have a loving and caring circle of friends in my life. We may not be physically near-by and may not even speak often, but their warmth and love fills my life, whenever I am in need and I hope I reciprocate the same way. I am lucky to have friends who are so unique that they all add a very different dimension to my life. They are all at different stages of their life, making choices, some conventional and some not so usual, yet living happy and fulfilled lives, teaching me every day that there are many ways to live. That is the biggest lesson I have received from them. I have friends who are unmarried and not pursuing marriage at all, others that are in a live-in relationship, some married and happily without kids, some married and trying for kids, some married with one child and feeling that’s enough for them and yet others with two children and raring to go for more! Through their acquaintance, I have gotten a close look at so many challenges that I have never personally faced, and in the process, learnt about strength, patience and resilience. I have also lived vicariously through so many joys that I am yet to personally experience, thus feeling the rush of sky diving and the exhilaration of trekking in the mountains simply through their stories. I want to thank them for filling my life with beautiful experiences today that will turn into fond memories tomorrow. Guys, I can’t wait to build even more memories with you and continue to enjoy your company! Much Love :*

Happy Friendship's Day!

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