Weight Management - More than what meets the eye
|   May 03, 2017
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Weight Management - More than what meets the eye

95% of the people that I know or regularly interact with are unsatisfied with their weight. The remaining 5% are either genetically blessed on that front or work very hard to keep themselves fit. Even the people in the former category are always either on a diet or some workout regimen to get to their ideal weight, but the results are not as per their expectation. It makes me wonder what the reason for that could be? One reason is, of course, that everyone has a different metabolism, food restrictions and health history, which puts a limitation to his or her weight loss program. However, another major component, I feel, is that most people are unaware of the surreptitious ways in which unwanted carbohydrates, fats and sodium sneak up in their diet, and that too, under the guise of health food.


If I look back at the time when I was severely over-weight some 17 years ago, I can attribute a lot of my health issues to hidden fats and simple carbohydrates in my diet. My diet consisted of very little milk, cottage cheese or ghee and was primarily overloaded by fatty snacks, candies and other nutrition-deficient foods. After years of trying to strike a balance between a tasty and a healthy diet, I have now discovered that healthy food is really more pleasing and satisfying for the body than food that is designed to provide instant gratification. I have included a lot more dairy products in my diet than before, and I am conscious of the nutritive value of the snacks that I consume. I don’t necessarily trust packaging that claims to be ‘healthy’ and take it upon myself to read the ingredient list, to decide for myself. I have also realized that fats are very important for our body, however, the daily intake of fat needs to be monitored so that we don’t go overboard. I also know now, from experience, that low fat doesn’t mean that the food isn’t tasty.  In fact, making healthy food choices is the biggest piece of the fitness puzzle that most of us are trying to solve in our forever-busy lives. We may be able to make a temporary dent on the weighing scale by following fad diets, but for lasting wellness, keeping fit and looking good, a balanced diet and active lifestyle are non-negotiable.


I recently came across NESTLÉ a+ SLIM Milk, which is a low fat milk option for people who are looking to closely monitor their daily fat intake, and even for those who are unable to include dairy in their diet due to high cholesterol issues. It is quite filling in taste and can be used to make tea and coffee as well. Nestle also has the option of a+ Slim dahi that may be easier to digest for people who are unable to digest milk. It is definitely a product that can be included on the grocery list of weight watchers. This, along with ensuring that most of the weekday meals are home cooked and that activity levels are kept high throughout the day by walking, taking stairs, working out whenever possible, anyone can achieve their fitness goals with time. I too plan to follow a disciplined approach to my diet and workout so that I can participate in an obstacle challenge race next year. Wish me luck!

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