Who bit my baby?
|   Jul 28, 2016
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Who bit my baby?

I share a love-hate relationship with the Monsoons of Delhi. For the most part, I am terribly in love with the dreamy, romantic weather, the unplanned chai-pakora parties that come with it and the fragrance of Mother Earth that engulfs the whole city during the few weeks that Delhi turns into a hill-station. On the other hand, I am not a fan of being stuck at home or in dreadful traffic that follows even the slightest of showers, and particularly detest my frizzy and oh-so-uncontrollable hair that stand up in attention, almost like monsoon receptors on my head. Moreover, this weather, with its humidity, tends to be harsh on the skin as well. But, I have learnt to live with it, especially since my baby, who is now experiencing his second monsoon, also seems to love it a lot. The two of us stand in the balcony, slightly shielding ourselves from the onslaught of raindrops, simply in awe of nature’s beauty and grace. On one such lovely evening, while standing outside, my baby started flapping his feet and itching his legs frantically. As I looked down, I was in for a shock.


Both his legs were covered in red spots all over and he just kept scratching the strange looking eruptions. I too was surprised since they seemed to have come up on his body rather suddenly, and I had surely not seen them before. I rushed inside and checked his torso, fearing that it could be chicken pox, but thankfully it wasn’t. While the spots appeared like fresh eruptions, they didn’t appear to have pus in them. I applied a common antiseptic cream on his legs to soothe the itching and forgot about it, since the baby was otherwise active and not showing signs of fever or weakness. I dismissed them as mosquito bites and decided to just watch for a while. In the next few days, the spots remained and the constant itching created more red rashes on the baby’s delicate skin. That got me worried, as it was very hard to figure out what caused them in the first place and I wondered if it could be a manifestation of an internal disease or some allergies.


After a week of seeing the spots on his legs (and now even his arms), I decided to pay a visit to the pediatrician. I usually avoid frantic visits and try to rely on my gut feeling for such issues, but as a rule of thumb, I make an appointment after a week of a persisting issue. The biggest reason I delay doctor’s visits is to avoid the premises of the clinic, full of kids who are extremely ill and carrying viruses that could infect an otherwise healthy kid. So, reluctantly, I stepped into the doctor’s office, and just as I had suspected, they indeed turned out to be mosquito bites! I felt rather silly asking the doctor again and again if he was sure, not that I wanted it to be anything else but it just seemed pointless going to a doctor for something like that. He assured me that they were bites from the regular miscreants and not the dengue/malaria kinds and prescribed a topical cream for his extra delicate skin and an anti-allergy suspension. I reluctantly bought both, but decided against using them, and continued to apply the regular antiseptic that I was using otherwise. I don’t usually disregard the doctor’s prescription, but in this case, I chose to go with my own treatment, having taken a second opinion that all was well. I also followed a potent home remedy for treating rashes by boiling neem leaves and putting the decoction in the baby’s bathing water. That soothed the baby’s rashes without being harsh on his skin. I am happy that the red spots have more or less disappeared now, and so have my worries. I guess, all’s well that end’s well.

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