Reservation Irony
|   Mar 17, 2016
Reservation Irony

Johny Johny , Yes Papa

Using Reservations, Perfectly Papa

Being Judicious, Who cares Papa

Is it right ……May be, I am not sure, I don’t know!!!

Reservations - Special and diligently structured rules for needy section of society. A large round of applause for the thoughtful and caring minds. Much has been said and done to educate people about the same .And we can see the results with flaring colours. But what about the people who have in shadow of being the weaker section, or the underprivileged mass, used the resources without the actual need of it? It could have done more good to a real needy soul. Keep aside the major reservation debate going in case of jobs , competitive examinations , admission to various schools and colleges…….At ground zero so much of immoral practices can be seen in daily life that we all need to give a second thought about our attitude.

Ever seen the cat –dog fight in metro trains, wherein a shivering old man is standing in front of seat reserved for old people as a healthy 60 years old thinks he is more deserving as he has just completed the benchmark , or a lady standing with an infant struggling to comfort and protect her baby wherein many healthy ladies taking the seat to reap benefits of ladies reserved seat, or a small baby, fighting with all his will to gain a space and get hold of that iron rod just to avoid tumbling down as no seat is reserved for kids and his poor parents couldn’t find one for them to give him comfort of their lap. Sad isn’t it?? Reservation are meant to help not to use it just for heck of it.Isn’t it the responsibility of each one of us, to look around and let the more needy use the services so that we all can reach our destinations in a better way.

Why to forget the not so organised queue system, wherein a separate queue for ladies is indeed there, but what about sick people, one who is in a hurry just because of some emergency etc. . The moral dead masses sometimes give a deaf look to the needy just to remind them the “reservation rules”.

Many such examples can be cited in daily life where we see such irresponsible attitudes being practiced.

No doubt the debates on the major reservation system in jobs, exams, admission to colleges is ongoing, but at grass root level what we can see is the urgent need of change of attitude - attitude to be responsible, sensitive, empathetic and decisive. If we start believing in betterment of human race as whole and act with ethics, then debates will subside all by itself. When the mass is ruled by self-consciousness, then the fear of misuse, or manipulative use is overruled. The need of the hour is rise in the conscious mind .So let’s rise and help others rise as well .


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