Tryst with the woman in me
|   Mar 12, 2016
Tryst with the woman in me

I had these secret meetings with the woman in me since my childhood. No it’s not that I had a troubled childhood or , a painful marriage or any soul tearing memories .I have great parents who have taken all the steps to give the best possible to both me and my brother .Rather being the first child I was more pampered. In my days of graduation I had a long courtship period with my then boyfriend and now husband and have had a great married life with a beautiful kid .He has not only been a great support but has always allowed me to be self. In addition having In-laws who treat you at par with their son is a blessing in itself.

But in spite of such beautiful life , I had time and again had this tryst with the woman in me…Heart-rending session of why us , how to change , where the cause lies… ..These secret meetings occurred every time a neighbour came in to say my mom , she has given me more freedom , everytime a passer-by has thought of having a freedom to speak those nasty lines or pass on those dirty comments , everytime an old granny of one of my close friends has warned her  to be careful of my open thoughts , everytime after my marriage my eligibility as a daughter in law has been questioned by not so helpful neighbours on having a cup of tea made by me wherein my in-laws family were overwhelmed with my least skill set of cooking , everytime someone came up to see my baby bump when I was pregnant and wanted to pour in all those gender biased dialects  , thinking they were debonair of some magnum opus on gender detection from pregnancy symptoms …..And so many such instances every day from sunrise to sunset. All these have made me SAD, The woman in me has cried, cried aloud for a society free from judgemental people who try to hinder a woman just because of her sex.Women judging women, the nasty part. It’s like a friend is a foe here. So many movements, movies, melodies trying to educate the same, but something that is fossilized can’t be changed so easily. Neither the men nor women are superior to each other. Each has been made by the creator, with utmost care to take up responsibilities as per ones capability. It’s our responsibility not only to create environment friendly but human friendly planet as well.

I do not have a great conclusion for my discussion as I have no answers .Though in my small way I have and always will practice what I am looking at correcting on this planet. But this blog is meant for open ended discussion with all great ladies here and know what they feel about this system of society where things are yet to be corrected at grass root level.

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