Mom Vs Mummy
|   Dec 15, 2016
Mom Vs Mummy

Female rivalry is not a new subject. The “K” series of EKTA KAPOOR serials has shown it several times. Studies have shown that females are generally jealous of another female. But here I am talking about criticism in fellow mummies related to Breast milk Vs Formula milk.

Kyaaaaaaaaa,tu apne bacche ko dabbe ka doodh pilati hai,arey koshish to karti,doodh to aa jaata hai,tabhi to tera baccha panap nahi raha,(What you don’t breast fee your child, you surely didn’t try. This is the reason your child’s growth is hampered) commented “My FRIEND”

I was stunned; nobody understands the helplessness of a mother when she is unable to feed her baby before passing such ridiculous comments. Then there is hue and cry in the neighborhood. Aunties and bhabhi’s  are on a rescue mission for the new MOM." Arey jeera khao, masoor ki dal try ki,4-5 glass doodh pio, calcium le lo. Kaisi maa hai,bacche ko apna doodh nahi pilati;yeh aaj kal ki ladkiyan bhagwan bacchaye inse".(Try cumin seeds, pulses, 4-5 glasses of milk every day, calcium supplements. What kind of mother are you when you can’t breast feed your child. God save us from today’s generation girls).I don’t know these totka’s work or not and I didn’t try it either .I am a new mom and I am not lazy who doesn’t want to feed her baby.

 Survey reveals that 70-80% infants survive on formula milk due to many reasons namely-mother’s critical condition, inability to feed, low milk etc. Now the question is why females are against females who have gone through the same situation in their respective lives. Shouldn’t they be supporting each other?

I brought up my daughter on formula milk as I was not lactating enough (YES! I AM A CULPRIT; punish me GOD) Life is a vicious circle, whatever goes around comes around. Last month, “MY FRIEND” delivered a baby and as she is not lactating enough,  baby is on cow’s milk. When I went to give the shagun to the baby, she was trying to hide the feeder from me and could not maintain an eye contact throughout my stay!!!! So, next time when you are meeting a “NEW MOM” please don’t be judgmental. You never know what she is going through!

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