Epitaph To A Woman's Guilt
|   Apr 25, 2017
Epitaph To A Woman's Guilt

Many a time, I am harbouring  some Guilt in my head.Have you women felt like this? As if nature adds in a guilt gene alongwith the XX chromosomes. Or is it the way we are nurtured? Are we programmed to feel this way?I call it The Guilt Phenomenon. Maybe, because I have seen my mother feel the same way, and I have unconsciously imbibed the phenomenon while outwardly always berating her for feeling so. But whatever be the reason, I want to consciously unlearn it. All of you must, because we want to protect our children from absorbing a feeling as exhausting and draining as Guilt!

I am a woman

and that ordains

a life of tension

and anxieties and pains

all created by me

cos you see


Last weekend I planned

to go out with my girlfriend

but then I felt bad

about leaving behind my husband

Was he happy?

O yes! but you see


I didnt call mom today

why dont I see her more often?

and twice or thrice a week isnt enough

when the days in the week number seven

and while she maynt worry me

you see I.FEEL.GUILTY.

I havent exercised in days

nor have I visited the spa

cos my daughter needs me to stay

how can she survive without her ma?

Agreed, I might be a wee bit lazy,

and its so unnecessary


What will he say?

How will she feel?

How do I climb out of this vicious wheel?

cos relationships will have no appeal

if I feel constrained instead of free

So I say to you, GUILT

get out of my head cos

there was no path built 

that I could not tread

if I put my head to it. I can nip

you in the bud, GUILT - RIP.

And that is what we need to do ladies – Rest our Guilt mechanism that auto activates itself given every chance. Happiness breeds happiness. See the joy spread as you nip it in the bud.All the best!

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