What to watch..??
|   Jul 20, 2016
What to watch..??

The other day the moment I sat to watch the TV I was engulfed with one big question WHAT TO WATCH???

While the movie channels had movies playing all day, the daily soaps had their share of trps.... then came the news n cartoon channels with the same news n same cartoon episodes being repeated... I then thought of watching some educative channels but they could not hold me for long.. Now today was the day I really wanted to unwind watching TV but the chnnels had a different plan in store for me.. Suddenly (and I don't know how)I was reminded of my old days when the TV had limited channels n those channels had  limited programmes.. hence we were not spoilt with choices...

Since there was so much to see I could not makeup my mind to any one thing.. unlike yester years when all would watch the same channel at the same time... With the same limited programmes!

I started missing the golden seriels like "Hum Panch" , "Hip hip Hurray" , Small Wonder, I Dream of Jinney, Sibrena.. The teenage witch , Shararat n so on...   This nostalgia forced me to turn off the TV and look for some other source of relaxation....

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