Nomatter what,ill never be a family member
|   Jun 27, 2017
Nomatter what,ill never be a family member

Fortunately or unfortunately somehow we fell in love with each other.Fortunately as he was perfect for me but unfortunately I was not and will never be perfect for his family.

Before I married my husband I had no clue about feminism,women rights or even inequality amongst genders.But his mom made me realise how insignificant and useless I was as soon as I got married.My achievements,my identity,my choice and even my family holds no importance at all in this world any more.Whats important was just his family,his mother,his house,his relatives and his wellbeing(most importantly).

It's been 5 years since I got married but the usual attitude towards me hasn't changed.I have fought my battles,stood firm,took stand and made a space for myself.Initially wearing what she wanted or eating what she liked was mandatory whenever we visited her.Oh yes you might be surprised to know,we dont stay with her still those days when I had to were pure torture.

People may say why couldnt you adjust for those 30days a year?My question is why should I?Why do I have to bear the torture of submissing to a uneducated,foul mouthed human just because I married his son even for a day.Abuses have been hearled at me,my family,I have been accused of making my husband my ghulam,my whole identity and likes have been ignored and have been threatened to get insulted by publicly insulting my parents.

These were the initial days of my marriage.I took stands and tried to be as strong as possible.Things are getting better but I kno I can never be family.I married to a family where except my husband nobody cares if I am alive.Strangest was when even my parents adviced me to give in and adjust my life according to my mother in law.I couldnt believe my ears,as they raised me to be strong and independent.

Again my mother in law is here at my place and I am sick of her manipulative ways but I am being accused of being myself and again the question is being asked"Why cant you adjust for 10days"and ignore her deeds.

My question is why should I?

If you have the answers,please do give.

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