Aage Kuan, Peechhe Khai
|   Jun 02, 2017
Aage Kuan, Peechhe Khai

Aage kuan peechhe khai

You must be knowing this saying. We parents are perfect example of this. Parenting is such a difficult task, such a delicate balancing act. If you are too strict, you fear kids will rebel. If you are too lenient,you fear they will be spoilt. You push them for excellence in studies, you fear you might be stressing them out. You are chilled about it and let kids take their own decision in this regard and you worry they might blame you later for allowing them to ruin their life. There is a different challenge every day as your child goes through various stages of development from infancy to adulthood. 

Am I feeding him/her right?

Am I providing the correct diet to my child?

Is my child sleeping more/less than the ideal duration?

Is he/she growing well? 

Am I being too stressed over nothing?

There are so many things to worry about. 

Choosing the school, following study schedule, handling peer issues for them, making sure they are not over stressed but also that they do not become complacent.

Then there would be relationship issues, and you would be at your wit's end thinking how to respond to their choices.

I have been too relaxed a mother who never compared her kids to others to check if my child was walking, talking at the correct time, if they weighed more or less. Of course I visited the pediatrician as scheduled for the regular check ups, vaccines and so on. And as long as the pediatrician was satisfied with the child's growth, I was too. No matter if my neighbour's kid was walking earlier or was eating much more, I could never run behind the kids with food , never could force feed them, in case of studies too. 

And trust me, no matter what you do, you would always be in doubt if you have been absolutely right about it!  No parenting tip would ever be 100% effective in dealing with your child. Because every child is unique in his/her own way. You have to constantly learn and unlearn on the job. You have to constantly improvise day after day.

And you would always be feeling like stuck in an awkward situation of aage kuan , peechhe khai.

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