Holding My World With a Safety Pin 
|   Jun 04, 2017
Holding My World With a Safety Pin 

I was getting dressed to go out and meet some friends for lunch. As I put on my kurti, a few stitches came out from the side cut. Already running late, I abandoned the idea of changing the dress and used a safety pin instead. No need to say, it pricked my confidence a bit. However, I left home ,trying to forget about it. I picked up one of the friends on my way. As soon as she got into the cab, we both started ranting about how difficult it is for us mothers to plan and go out at any time any day. We whined about the household chores and kids and everything. And then she showed me the missing cuff button from her top. She said she realized it was gone only after she had put it on already. And already harassed, she decided to proceed wearing the same top.

And we talked how some women are so well organized, how well they dress, how perfect their houses was, how ordrerly their lives.

But then, another thought creeped in my mind. We all try to appear perfect in front of others. May be 'those women' also have their show held up with safety pins, perhaps they are  little insecure too inside . 

And I smiled. I always keep telling my children to keep away their things saying, "Dekho, us friend ka ghar kitna neat and clean rehta hai." And they respond, "No, we have seen it. It's as messy as ours." When some guests are expected, we go on a cleaning spree. Perhaps everyone is doing the same. And there is nothing wrong in that too.

Though it is good to have a neat and clean and ordrerly house, perhaps I should not be overly concerned about it. 

Perhaps I should allow myself to put a safety pin here or there sometimes. After all, safety pins were made for this only. 😊

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