Our Own Little Superstars 
|   Mar 13, 2017
Our Own Little Superstars 

We were returning from my yoga classes when me and my fellow student started talking about a particular type of basket made by weaving thin plastic ribbons. We recalled making them when we were younger....and then more memories... 

We talked about how we were happy with less pairs of shoes and less number of clothes, while now everyone has multiple times of everything.

And before we knew it, the topic shifted to our children. Their innocent questions, their small problems, activities...

My friend affectionately narrated how her little girl wants a new dress every time she has to attend a friend's birthday. And we both laughed. The little diva , she is hardly 6 years old, doesn't want to repeat a dress ," Ha dress tar futla aahe" (everyone has seen this dress) ,she says . 

It brought a smile to my lips every time I remembered this all through the day...

And I remembered when my daughter was small, she wanted different dresses to wear each Dandiya night for 9 days of Navratri. And those dresses had to be ethnic Indian dresses..not much wearable for the rest of the year...and anyway, "everyone would have seen those"... So we would achieve that by buying 2 sets of lehnga choli every year and by mixing and matching on the rest of the days ... And my little Dandiya queen would be beaming with happiness...dancing till late night.

Our kids...our bundles of joy, centers of our own little universes.. 

They are the celebrities in our world. They know we will do everything possible to make them happy because it makes us happy too seeing them smile. 

And so they demand ...and it's cute and amusing till the time it's innocent. Of course we have to draw a line so that they don't learn to take undue advantage of their parents,  they must not learn to blackmail us emotionally...

In the limit..it's fun to pamper them and it gives us joy and satisfaction.

They are our own little superstars. And they act every part of it !!

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