I feel like chewing my daughter!
|   Jun 13, 2016
I feel like chewing my daughter!

Yea,  I always feel like chewing my daughter, right from her birth. All babies are born cute. Their chubby cheeks, pink lips are jus so adorable. I dont know if any moms have missed the feeling of chweing their new born's cheeks. Even this morning when she wokeup, she called me loudly 'Amma, Come here, sleep with me'.  She always wants me to lie down with her, when she wakes up. She will cuddle me, roll around, take my warmth and try to catch up few more minutes of sleep before she is done. Though at times i have something in my stove to burn, I too love to take that 'mommy-baby' time!


When i quitely watch her half sleep, I would touch her little less chubby cheeks, squeeze to a level it doesnt hurt and make an expression of throwing it to my mouth and satisfy the mood of chweing. When she wakes up, she would repeat the same! Then we share a tight hug, and I say 'love you baby' and i would expect her to repeat it. But she will say with a pleasing voice 'Amma, I want to sleep few more minutes' .. from there starts the rush to morning hours, I would carry her in my chest, and put her for brushing, half a glass milk... and the day has no speed breakers at all. We all three are in full speed!

And in the evenings, when she is busy playing with her mates in the park, I would like to get a small hug from her to start my second part of the day. But she would shyly push me and say, 'Amma, my friends are watching. No chewing now!' I would laugh out loud on how my little daughter has grown so big to feel shy for a mom's love in public. Kids grow really fast. That too being a working mother , it really hurts when days are planned based on office work and not on how we would like it to be! Anyways, its the choice i have made, or may be its the choice i am afraid to change! May be since we are the first generation of too many working mothers with too much hiked life style, we may take time to believe our decisions are just right. May be this generation of working mothers may have a piece of advise to shower to the coming genearation. Its all 'May be'!  Ha, I am too much away from the mood where i started. May be that I am perfect working mother :) :) , when we start talking about work, we finish it in baby and when we start talking about baby, we finish it in a guilty mood of being a working mother!

Nothing less! I again feel like chewing my daughter who is back from school and playing at home! Just that i have to wait for 5 more hours to relish my feelings!

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