LOve - On tHe DAy of DELiverY
|   May 09, 2016
LOve - On tHe DAy of DELiverY

So after reading the title , how many of you understood delivery as ‘project delivery’? please raise your hands, and now you stand on the bench for over thinking about work!!


Yea, coming to the actual fact , The ‘D’ day is jus unforgettable for any woman. Whenever I remember my daughter’s birth day , I would also remember how ‘coward’ I was the day before!!

My whole family believed , am just a over strong girl , and that was the day they knew am another very normal girl , who would call the whole world for help!


Our gynecologist gave the due date as 03-Sep long back when I was 4 months carrying, Yet Somehow I strongly expected my lil one to arrive on 30-Aug, as it was ‘His’ bday!

But God didn’t plan it that way , and 30-Aug of that year , passed very normally without any single signal of baby reaching the earth. Though it slightly disappointed me, There was one question on my mind… Will the baby come out or not? Because I was no different on the last week of my delivery from any other months.. I was rigorously walking… exercising ..but no change!...what’s happening inside??


On 02-Sep, My mom and I went for a checkup , and the doctor said, The baby may come out in 1hours time, or it may take a week too. What?? What an approximate answer??

So we both came back home , and the house was pretty silent and that led me to different thoughts… What if something goes wrong , and am no more tomorrow? How will he live?


So I just took my laptop and emailed him saying, ‘See , these days medical facilities are too good. However if something goes wrong and if in case am no more, Please find a girl who can pour atleast 10% of love what I show to you and marry her. Do not waste your life for me! And take this email as proof of my ‘go ahead’ for your future’. After such a sensible email , I really felt emotional. You know in next 15 minutes , I got a reply ‘ok. I can actually provide you the data. Can you please approve’…. Ho my god .. what’s wrong with this man?? Was he waiting for me to say this one sentence so long and he is so much ready for the next chapter. I was furious. I immediately gave him a ring, and he replied so emotionally ‘idiot, what’s wrong with you? Don’t get scared , we all are there with you. Don’t worry’.

Then I asked him a damn perfect explanation for the email that he had sent , and after a small confusion he said , instead of sending reply to admin department I have replied you…ooops am sorry!!


We laughed laughed  and laughed, and there started the D day, and our daughter arrived and I was still alive., may be reborn to fall in with love him again and again :) :)

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