Stretch Marks !!
|   May 09, 2016
Stretch Marks !!

I have lot of stretch marks in my tummy, if I sit and count its little more than my science marks in higher secondary.

Sometimes I Look closer and realize , once my skin has undergone high tension and carried a weight which was out of my imagination until I did one.

When nobody notices, I slowly put my hands on my tummy and would like to re-feel where I felt my daughter’s first kick. That’s something very special to me , and no one else can understand the lift I feel when I recollect it.

Stretch marks tells me how strong I am, it tells me how I lived with my daughter for 9 solid months, it tells me she was whole of mine so egoistically.

Until I brought her to the world, we were eating together, we were napping together, She decided when I should wake up and I decided when we should go for a walk together. These stretch marks are my pride. This baggy tummy is my pride. It constantly reminds me that I have lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. I was 10kgs lesser until I carried her, But those weight gains are ignorable for the love I have acquired. I may look tired, But I have pride in my eyes that are shallow. I am no more a teenager to spell ‘late night party’ as the reason for my red eyes. I am grown up, and my daughter has raised me winning!


Stretch marks, weight gain, baggy tummies, tired eyes, mood swings all has a super special reason now. Besides all I understand my mom better after I am one. Next time, when I read / talk about any of the ‘mom’ flaws in my body, I will put my chin up, collar high and say ‘Yes, I have a bad body shape’ and I will Let my smile talk my thoughts!

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