Vasanthy Aunty #Momspiration
|   May 10, 2017
Vasanthy Aunty #Momspiration

The mom who inspired me!! Undoubtedly, my mom is my favorite mom in the world.

Just like how every mom loves their kid, every kid adores them so much. When I keep my mom outside the race, one mom who immediately flashes to my mind is... Vasanthy Aunty!


I had a friend in my childhood. She still is very close!! We were hardly 10 year old looking too small with our double plated hair. It was our first day in the school and we 3 girls tried to introduce ourselves. And touch wood, all three of us are close even today. And thanks to the technologies! Hmmm… back to story…I told my introduction... blah blah.. and the other she told her father was a police man and her mother was a teacher. And the third, Let me call her Radhika(name changed)...She detailed about her mom and then about her maternal uncle, then about her grandfather​. We were stupid that we didn’t know that we aren’t supposed to ask about her dad if she didn’t tell us about him. Then slowly we learnt that he was no more and there was very less support from her father’s side. Her brother was 5 and she was 2 when they had to lose the man of the house. From then on, her mom has been their father and mother all by herself. I still remember the days she learnt to drive the big ambassador car. On those days a single woman putting enough passion to learn driving made me see her up!


She was a teacher in a private school who use to spend her evenings taking tuition classes! And then she got government job after a lot of struggle when we were around 12! I have heard her saying “How will it not be possible when you try?”… They were very simple words that she uttered for some chemistry equation, but when it was from her, it had more than a single meaning! Kudos to the aunt’s brother, mom and dad who stood in her thick and thin! But it was her will power to raise her children well helped her make lemonade when life gave her lemons! I have always seen her with big smiles and a blissful look. She brought them up so well and both her children are engineering graduates today! My friend has settled abroad with her family and now the inspiring mom is enjoying her life with a beautiful daughter in law, who is as good as her daughter and gorgeous granddaughter!


I earnestly don’t know her complete life struggles. I have said very less about that great lady. I have just said if from my point of view which is very shallow… However she stands out from all the ladies with her courage, smile and will power! Aunty, I have never said you in person! But you have always been an inspiration!! Hope you read my words!


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