Women and their Necessity to leave on time!
|   May 10, 2016
Women and their Necessity to leave on time!

I have read lot of blogs, FB shares, books on ‘women and their necessity to leave on time’. 

How many ever times I read on this topic, all the authors fascinates me every time! I am emphasizing it… every time! I just don’t get bored to read different people’s view on why a women leaves from work on time. I would not even say 5:30 or 6 as early, because it’s absolutely on time.


I have seen lot of men grudge when a woman picks her bag at 5:30.

Excuse me Sir, I believe you expect your wife also to do the same, because you spend your whole day – night in office and you want your home ultra clean, a super duper Indian cuisine for dinner on table, kids neatly dressed, bed neatly made, door mat with no dust, shoes on rack and newspaper under the center table. Wouldn’t your cubicle mate have these agendas for rest of her day? You surf all very-sense on internet, have a longer chai time, sometimes a mid-dinner and spend your extra working hours from 5:30 to 08:30.. which you tease on your team mate because she didn’t spend those working hours in office. You raise a macho voice now , ‘Both are paid equally, but why does she go home early?’ There is one simple answer from most women ‘I have work everywhere I go, be it home or office, and seriously I don’t have time to film it ’. Sometimes agreed, okay okay…most times… you have US client calls and you stay at office. But not everymen who gives a muddy look on women for leaving on time has it every day.


And there is another popular word on air, ‘If you feel family is important, quit and sit and home and take care of your kids… Don’t work and get paid…. I just did this with my wife’(thinking they did a favor to the corporate companies.. he he). Boss, Okay now I get a point that men who work just don’t care about their families! If it’s true I pity your family. Working is a choice we have made. Every corporate company has rules and regulations for time to work, and we make it set right for us, we are tired of answering your looks and uncomfortable smiles.


I have better things to do than to pass time in office just to get a ‘king feeling’ when I get back home. When a man is away for 14 hours or 16 hours, he is too much respected. But when I am away for 14 hours, let away the respect.. who cared.. But personally I feel guilty for letting my family buy dinner from outside, to let my baby do her homework on her own, to miss a story that she planned to tell me when am back… We women are responsible. We work in office, we work at home too. We are not escaping. We are just leaving on time for our next duty on queue. We don’t have the luxury to feel ‘great’ when we are late to home. We know every organizations understands it absolutely. We know its jus some tom, dick and harry who created this ‘sit in office for many hours culture’. We know, we are just right...ahmm... We know we are strong too.

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