Working doesn’t mean I am a lesser ‘MOM’
|   May 25, 2016
Working doesn’t mean I am a lesser ‘MOM’

It was a pleasant saturday morning on a hot summer vacation, and my neighbor aunty knocked my door! She saw my daughter in sleeveless top with a loose trouser! The little girl had a handfull of colored soil and a bottle with green colored water.

Aunty : What is she at home?

Me : She is trying to make plants more greener with green color water

Aunty : Why do you keep her at home and spoil her future?

Me:  Aunty?

Aunty : What time she got up today?

Me : I think by 08:30

Aunty : See, this is how you spoil kids in their vacation. Why dont you put her in a summer camp?

Me : No I want her to take good rest and unwind herself, After all, Once she grows up , she cannot sleep long

Aunty : What Priya, You dont talk like an educated woman!... See, dont waste 2 months of her life. In summer camps, they teach her Craft, gardening, art works, baking and lot many things!

Me : She does all of that at home. She knows what is the ratio for idli batter, she can make balls for chapathi, she actually makes her favorite kesari bath with my help, we do craft everyday, even yesterday we made a lady bug out of papers. I also tak her to pool once in two days. What more can i expect her to do?

Aunty : Still... You are working! you may not be able to give full efforts for her fun activities.

Me : Working doesnt mean I am a lesser 'mom'

Aunty : I dont say so, okay , ask your daughter to show the lady bug that you made yesterday. I am sure she would have done a better one in summer camp.

Me : No Aunty, I dont want to ask her to prove the world every time she is under estimated. That will be wrong lesson i would teach her.

Aunty : Ok, So you are goingh to keep her at home for whole 2 months ?

Me : We have planned her vacation. She is gonna be with my mom for 15 days and and with MIL for 15 days. and 2 weeks with us here. They are also looking for her. She will learn lot of price less things from them

Aunty : Up to you! You are not ready to spend 4k, besides working and later you will feel sorry for spoiling your daughter's future.

Me : Let the world run aunty. We are in no hurry, and by the way... I forgot to ask you. Would you like to have some tea?

Before she could say yes, The little baby offered her a empty toy cup and said "Aunty, I made this tea for you", That was climax! My looks talked for me!

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