Independence Day Holiday Options With Kids
|   Aug 11, 2017
Independence Day Holiday Options With Kids

This Independence day, do something patriotic, historic and liberating for your children. It’s a long weekend this year and with a wee bit of planning in the right direction, you may well be taking a trip of a life time! India has a heritage and history that is hard to miss. Keeping young travellers in mind Unhotel recommends five places that you should visit to appreciate India’s struggle for Independence.

1. Delhi

Delhi is the natural choice to get a sense of what the country went through. From the Mughals to the British Raj, you get to explore it all. Even if you stay in Delhi/NCR, wear the tourist cap and get your kids to experience what they learn in school. The HOHO bus is a great opportunity to let the kids be. Let them plan the route, the time and what they would like to see.

2. Ahmedabad

The city is one of the main hubs of the freedom movement. Located on the banks of river Sabarmati, this was where Mahatma Gandhi tutored people in non violence. The ashram, the river bank and Khadi Gramudyog all tell tales that kids will love. Old Ahmedabad is also a must see. Kids will love the mix of old and new.

3. Mysore

To the south, get mesmerised by the historical city of Mysore. Just so that the trip doesn’t become too boring for kids, plan a day around the city. Bandipur national park is a great option. The palace of Mysore is hard to miss with all its grandeur.

4. Andaman Islands

Though only a long weekend may not be enough, you can plan to take a few days off from school and visit this wonderful Indian island. The place is not just great for India’s independence struggle but also a great place for adventure sports. Known for Kalapani - the cellular jail, the place is a heart wrenching trip to what the Indian freedom struggle was all about.

5. Kolkata

Visiting Kolkata is a cultural extravaganza.  It was one of the colonial cities that the British took a lot of interest in developing. Apart from the city, you could try and visit Barrackpore, the place where the famous freedom fighter Mangal Pandey rose in rebellion against the British.

With the Independence day weekend not far, these places are recommended because of their easy connectivity between metros.  

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