Yes! I do !!
|   Mar 04, 2016
Yes! I do !!
So finally I said "Yes. I do".
And if you are wondering for what, oh yes! It's for the maid. I finally came to par with their terms of service, accepted it (but not before making few adjustments to my needs as well) and said " Yes. I do".

Finding a maid compatible to us has become more tough a job than finding an understanding life partner. I may sound exaggerating but beleive it or not, that's the reality. When I had put up this as FB status few years back, I remember my friends mocking at me. But trust me guys! You may take your chances with your kith and kin but never with a maid.

The reason I chose not to have a maid is the kind of stress they give. I felt that they were exploiting our dependency on them. I had a maid who helped me in all the household chores except for cooking until I delivered my second child since I was working from home after my first child started schooling.But the whole thing fell over head if she took off even for a day. Things were getting bad when she started taking advantage of my mother's presence who had come to help me through my delivery. She was taking off more than usual and left behind a lot of work unfinished. And it became our duty to finish those things left half done and undone. Just couldn't ask or say anything to her for the fear of losing her. Having said that I honestly didn't want to lose her as well as it is very difficult to find such reliable maids these days. She had helped me more than once through my pregnancy doing what was just more than her work while i used to be glued to the bed unable to even open my eyes. May be because I was handling things single handed mostly and she took pity on me then. But after my delivery things turned utterly upside down and there was no positive flip side at all to it. With my bizarre sleeping routine with the new born, it became very difficult to adjust to her frequent absence for some vague reasons and to top all that, info on her absence will arrive pretty much late or never will. It wil be a big heap of task when you realize its all on your head now. Was somehow able to manage until my mother was with me. But after she left , things became really out of countrol and I was losing hold. So then I came to a decision. Hence, I slowly started doing the chores myself while I was still paying her for the same. I tried to figure out the work that can be done on my own. I scheduled a routine for my little one matching the school timings of my elder kid. Planned a common sleep hour routine and I practiced doing things by myself. After I settled in a regular schedule, I informed her a month in advance that she may start looking for work in other places. But I didn't want to lose her completely as well. So I retained her for house cleaning alone. So that ways I felt that I was not depriving her of her income totally. I was taking some extra help as and when the situation demanded and paid her extra for that, making us mutually happy. I could also see that she was doing her job without that pressure of too much work on a single day. Just come, clean the house, make it look spotless, play with my lil one..and job done! We even found time to catch up on few gossips and family problems. All was well.
 So again, things were well and good, until you come to know that  your kids are growing up and become very demanding and they don't sleep as much as they do when they are small. 
Now I desperately needed an extra hand but was scared to hire the same for the fear of losing control and going through the same spell again. On the other side it was becoming hard everyday to manage and either ways I was losing control again eating up the time I get to spend with family. Most of my day time went in the kitchen doing dishes, cutting veggies, making preps for next meal, next day meal...I was losing my kids health as well unable to concentrate on anything and becoming more and more forgetful, stressed out, exhausted.. You name it I was there!
I understood that I have to find a stop button for this somewhere in sometime. And also sparing myself from the spell. So I gave it a mental probe and figured out that I made a mistake of depending on a single maid for all the domestic chores. Hence, I decided to follow one maid -one task policy and tada!! That worked magically. Of course it meant an extra pinch in my pocket coz when you hire a single maid for all the tasks, they fix a price (wholesale i guess:)) but individually they come at a little higher salary (only). Also you canot question their liberal use of dishwash bars and cleaning liquids. But it's worth every penny if it brings along a tension free mind, quality time with kids and family added to a spotless house and dishes. I have been blessed (yes. Really!) to have such reliable and dutiful maids who are ready to do an extra work in case of a Need and who even baby sit my little one at times giving me a short recess to my routine with him.

And at the end of the whole episode i feel like i am the entrepreneur of my small and sweet household :-)

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