The welcome
|   Apr 29, 2016
The welcome

Ah!! It is the day when I am going through the severe labour pains. I  have admitted to the hospital. Everybody is around me, my mom dad, brother and relatives but I am still alone because my husband is not with me as he is serving for our country. The father of our baby is missing.... Yeah!!!

I was the same girl who used to tell her husband that," till then you won't come I will not enter in the hospital at the time of baby delivery". But I am talking about delivery, thoroughly nine months he was not with me. But at that time moving,  in-laws to mom's place then again mom's to in-laws place. For me used to count my days in calendar.  We were in separation. Whenever we used to meet in the breaks for 3-4 days it was like there shouldn't be end of this night, dream should go on.....

That's OK,  I thought I am a strong girl as I don't have any option, this is the thing no one can help me out to get the baby's father. In fact when it's first delivery of a lady that time she doesn't know anything,"what is life actually the meaning of it." 

Omg it is really a painful affair, every mother has to go through it, it's a natural process, hahaha same with me. This day and night has become too long for me. 

In the night, the baby wants to come out after so many formalities, normalities, blah blah....

As I come out from operation theater I heard my brothers voice was saying,"baby's father is about to reach, he must be reaching after 1-2hours." As I was in my half sense because of anesthesia. Did not want to see baby's face after so much of pain. The way I went through the pain, I didn't feel so. When overheard this breaking news got excited. My eyes were getting heavy, sleepy, drowsy. But wide awake. No choice!!!

My all near and dear ones were with me but My eyes wanted to see someone else. This is very appriciative in our Indian culture if we take H of the hospital all will be there for you along with their family. My family, relatives, friends, loved ones are with me. It is like a festival in the hospital. Is it funny?? No, no it is not. It happens only in INDIA :);)

On the other side things were different, the baby's father on the way but whole the night he was on the way. How is it possible???? Yess it happened......

So the story of the other side is...firstly flight got delayed because of bad weather, it was already midnight. As in our city we don't have airport, he has to catch a train but he missed it because of delayed flight. Now he can catch the bus, in the midnight autos are not available he was waiting and excited as well, wanted to reach as soon as possible....finally he got the bus and sat in the bus took a sigh of relief.

Ohhhhh how come??? The baby said, "Dad, you can't reach so early, you will have to wait to see me." After a heavy rainstorm and hailstorm so many trees of a huge tree was enrooted infront of the baby's fathers bus......... It was like a nightmare for him##

He was shocked what is going on???? So the bus was standing for long hours and they were waiting, waiting and father was so excited, energetic and willing to do anything to reach. He himself took initiative to pull out the giant tree from the road with the help of other passengers. So many youngsters came to help him, it took much time, but they did it.... Ohhh finally, all passengers were very happy and took their seats to take off. No no....don't go so fast. As the driver has started.....a voice came psssssss.....what was that??? Again it was time to come out they saw, punctured tyre of the bus. Oh shit, oh shit!!!!! Now what.....

Father got disgusted. He sat and start thinking....what to I do? How can I reach? When will I be able to see my darling wife and new born baby. I'm tired now. He was in his deep thinking. He just saw a innova car was passing through, so he asked for lift. Father has explained his condition that he has blessed with a baby wants to reach there as soon as possible. They were in lurch should we give him a lift or not..they discussed with each other but those people were truly gentlemen gave him a backseat of their car. "Sometimes we get to meet Good human beings. But later realized, ohh it was GOD who has come to help us and dropped us on our destination" Tired, hungry, sleepy eyes, with growing beard.  The father of the baby finally was in front of us and were happy to see each other(;(;(:

So this was the warm welcome of our new born baby. 

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