Hey Womaniya- Be what you are!
|   Mar 02, 2016
Hey Womaniya- Be what you are!

    The woman in Me


Since the time I got to know that there’ s a blog writing contest about the woman in me, I am trying to squeeze time out from my daily routine and pen down my thoughts too. When finally I have got a chance, I am perturbed about what needs to be written. Each year we all celebrate Women’s Day on 8th March and there are huge articles and advertisements about how great women are, what big change is going on in the field of women’s development and how women today walk hand in hand with men. I am really not sure. I am not sure about the changes that the world proclaims, has come. I am not sure if the woman in me is still in sync with what the others think. I am also not sure whether I want to live in this world, or just run far, far away with my two little daughters who are soon going to grow up as lovely women and face this world. The woman in me is certainly not happy, not content and definitely not satisfied. The woman in me questions each day, each moment, as to why so much of hullabaloo of greatness of the society which allows women to walk hand in hand with men.

When we women were created, we were given bigger rights by our creator- to procreate. We women are the privileged ones who can bring new lives to the world. If this is the reality, then the woman in me fails to understand how and why we are said to be lagging behind.  We have to prove ourselves in every field; we are supposed to step out and at the same time take responsibility of our home. We are supposed to be smart enough and presentable, at the same time we are to be the ideal “sanskari bahu” of the house.

The woman in me is still not overworked. We handle multiple roles with dexterity and we do not want to prove any point. The funny bone in me gets tickled when I read articles praising women for their capabilities. I just want to tell this world, that hey! Why don’t you just sit back and relax? It’s the society which is getting all worked up, while we women are having a great time juggling tasks and still being at peace. We do have our bad patches and we do sometimes love to yell and utter those f words. And we do want to vent out our emotions in the most dramatic way possible, but please oh! World, for god’s sake please let me be “Me” and that’s all you can do to keep the woman in me, Alive. I want to enjoy life, and I want to be happy. No approvals required. We can prove ourselves worthy anyways.

So, this women’s day, let me be Me and let me feel privileged to be a woman- the chosen one of our creator himself :)

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