Kisses of True Love
|   May 05, 2015
Kisses of True Love

A scene plays out at our door each day of the week,

I'm presented first with a small then a larger cheek

Two kisses on the left and two on the right,

A few more quick smooches and then starts the fight.


'You gave her 4 kisses, you only gave me 3!

You can't give her more kisses than you give me!

Give me a few extra earlier, but don't tell her so,

Or give me some in your mind, so she'll never know!"


The other hears the whispers, senses the thought,

"No way, I'm older, I want more kisses than he got!"

So I dole out my kisses, hundreds apiece

So one less or more wouldn't seem so amiss.


I blow a last one and tell them each to take half,

They grab for it in the air with a giggle and a laugh.

And I can't help but wonder as I stand waving at the door,

How much longer will my kisses be worth fighting for?

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