The day you were born, so was I
|   Feb 07, 2017
The day you were born, so was I

All we could see was ten tiny fingers and tiny toes, moving ever so swiftly. The soft pink skin, so supple that we were scared of leaving marks on it even if we just touched her. Watching her sleep so blissfully was so enchanting that we were sleepless. All of a sudden as she woke up, we realized that we knew nothing about how to be parents. We loved her and that's all we knew. She cried and we were clueless, she smiled and we still were clueless!!

Talk of help, we had friends and relatives all around us advising us on what could it be. "Check her diaper" said one, "Nah, she must be hungry" said the other. "Oh no, just check if she has a rash." and it went on forever. From changing diapers to giving her a bath, from feeding her to burping her and from dressing her to making her sleep was the new set of skills we were acquiring. Of course, with the help from EVERYONE. 

"She is so calm, let's name her Arya or better even, how about Adya." And as our little nephew went on to produce a list of all possible names on earth, we realized that we had one more responsibility, that of naming our little girl. The name that she'd carry forever, the name that had been chosen just for her. And as we named her  Ava, a Hebrew name meaning the giver of life, she named us too "maa" and "baba" meaning just the same. 

As the time passed by, we realized that our lives had taken a 360 degree turn. We had no "me" or "us" time, we had no privacy, no sleep, only messed hair and puffed eyes. Yet, there were times when we were criticized and called "the bad parents." If you ever let you child fall sick, you are bad because you didn't take care BUT if you don't let them experiment, you are still bad because you're being over protective; If you give them a cake or a cookie, you're bad because it is unhealthy BUT if you don't you're still bad because you're not letting them adjust; If you scold them, you're bad because you lose your temper too soon BUT if you don't, you're still bad because you're not disciplining them. Basically, whatever you do, however you hard, you cannot please people. Yet, your child will always love you for everything, they'll hug you with tears in their eyes and with smiles too, they'll always accept you and never judge you - because they are a part of you and they know that you're the best thing that could've happened to them.

As parents, we are expected to do so much in such a little time. We are suddenly not allowed to experiment and make mistakes. But, the world forgets that we, as parents, were just born with out own child. The child made with our own flesh and blood would be the most precious to us than to anyone else and so, we'd be more careful than we can even imagine. So when someone blames you, tags you, criticizes you or admonishes you, know that you don't deserve it because you're  doing the best you can and absolutely NO BODY has the right to tell you that you are a bad parent. There is nothing like "perfect parenting" and so, don't waste your time in trying to become one. it is okay to be lazy sometimes, it is okay to take a break with your girls or guys, it's okay to eat that last cookie in the box, it's okay to have fun with your kids not around you, it's okay to be upset as a parent and IT IS OKAY TO BE WRONG! Relax and enjoy parenting, enjoy every age that your child crosses, every milestone that they achieve, crawl with them, run with them, bake with them and just be with them. There's never going to be "enough" of anything while you are a parent, so be satisfied and happy of having done a truly wonderful job raising your kid. 

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