Instilling Values – Getting Them Ready for Life
|   May 18, 2016
Instilling Values – Getting Them Ready for Life

I picked up my son from school one day and noticed that he was unusually quiet and looked worried. I asked him the reason but he preferred to remain the same way. On reaching home, as a normal routine, I opened his school bag to check his books and the diary for his homework. Even though he was just 10 years old, he was quite responsible for his age and liked to keep his books and homework up-to-date. The other mothers used to call me up to find out all that used to happen in class.

I opened his school diary and was surprised to see a remark on the first page which said that my son was disobedient in class that day. I called him and before I could question him, he narrated the day’s incident which led him towards getting the remark. The six years that he had spent in school, he was very proud that not even once had he given any teacher reason to find him disobedient or in-disciplined.

He told me that during the last period, a senior school prefect had come to supervise their class since their teacher had gone for invigilation. He saw one of the boy’s, who was a newcomer in the school, ask the prefect for permission to go to drink water as the water in his bottle was over, but the prefect refused saying that he would have to wait until school got over. My son said that he noticed that the boy looked extremely thirsty and so quietly passed on his water bottle to him. The prefect saw what was happening and scolded my son for being in-disciplined and wrote a remark in his diary. He said, “Mummy, I felt very sad but then after school got over that boy thanked me for sharing the water with him.” I smiled at him and said, “Don’t worry, you have not done anything wrong. In fact by sharing the water in your bottle today, you have made a new friend. Isn’t that great?” Smiling at him I put his dirty uniform into the washing machine and picked up the Surf Excel packet and it reminded me of their latest ad campaign - Ready for Life! I wondered that after instilling all the important values of life in my son, have I actually been successful in making him ready for life.

As parents we need to understand that just as academic achievements are important in a child’s life, similarly we need to assure that our child has good values instilled in him. The correct balance of both will ensure happy and successful lives for our children.

Respect, Kindness, Sharing, Honesty, Courage, Perseverance, Self Discipline, Compassion, Generosity and Dependability are factors that make a good human being. These are some values that we would like our children to have because we feel that by doing this we will lay down the foundation for them to become a good human being later in life. Among all these values, I feel sharing is an important value a child can learn when growing up. Teaching our children how to share will make them well-loved by other people around them and will help them in developing better relationships throughout life.

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