MIGRAINE - The Silent Killer
|   Nov 04, 2016
MIGRAINE - The Silent Killer

I have been living with migraines since the past 10-12 years and till date I have not understood what causes a migraine attack. It creeps in suddenly and immobilizes me for not less than four days and they are the worst days of my life. I hate talking to anyone, hate going out, hate the sight and smell of food - basically hate everything. It gets impossible for me to lift up my head from the pillow because whenever I do, I end up vomiting which leaves me feeling more sick. Some people might not agree with me on that because generally a person feels better after throwing up but in my case it is just the opposite. Thanks to migraine I have developed high blood pressure and thyroid and because of this I have named it 'the silent killer'.

As we all know that a migraine is usually a severe headache mostly characterized by a throbbing pain at the front or can affect the whole head with the initial point of pain being on one side of the head along with a throbbing pain, they can cause vomiting, blurred vision and extreme sensitivity to light, sound and smells.


Symptoms vary from one person to another but they mostly include:

  • Visual problems, for example an occurrence of blind spots
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness or loss of balance
  • Loss of consciousness 
  • General body weakness and numbness 
  • Neck and back-pain

Migraines are one of the twenty most disabling life conditions that affect around 1 in every 5 women and around 1 in every 15 men, but what remains a mystery is its exact cause. Some doctors have linked them to changes in certain neurotransmitter levels i.e chemicals that send messages between brain cells while others strongly suggest genetic disposition to migraines. But no one has come up with a definite cause yet.

The most common migraine triggers are:

  • Strong stimuli like loud noises, bright lights and sun glares can induce migraines
  • Stress, changes in environment and hormonal changes especially in women
  • Hormonal medications, such as oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy may also worsen migraines.
  • Alcohol especially wine and beverages with high amounts of caffeine can also trigger migraines


Treatment usually involves over the counter medications used to relieve the pain. Although some migraine attacks have had victims being hospitalized regularly.

So the question is that what can one do to manage migraines triggers?

  • Drink plenty of water i.e keep yourself hydrated
  • Always make sure that you get sufficient rest every night.
  • Engage in exercises like yoga, medication, jogging or even taking a walk
  • Last but not the least- Try to keep yourself stress free

I wish you all a life free of headaches and migraines because I would never want anyone to suffer the way I have.

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