|   Jun 17, 2016

Not so long ago, Punjab was known as "Sone Ki Chiriya". It was a prosperous state, rich in resources. The land of five rivers, the place which has been blessed by ten sikh guru's is crying in agony today. This beautiful state of Punjab has now fallen into the trap of a menace - the Drug Menace. The people of Punjab who are famous for their courage, hardwork and honesty are now losing all this to the evil called drugs. Excessive wealth, illiteracy and cross border terrorism are a few reasons leading to this practice. It would not be immature to say that this is nothing but a trap into which the spirited Punjabi youth are being led, on whom the future of our nation depends. Studies reveal that at present, more than 75% youth in Punjab is hooked to dangerous drugs like Heroine, Smack, Cocaine etc. Out of these 30% are HIV positive people. Recently I was stunned to know that Punjab has registered 50% of the total drug related cases in our country. What shocks me the most is that why is the government in a constant state of denial. A friend of mine living in Punjab once told me that the most painful thing is to see the state of the mother's who have lost their children because of drugs. Being a mother myself, I can imagine the pain of a mother who raises her child with lots of love, hopes and desires and then loses him/her to this evil practice. There is no bigger pain in the world than for parents to see their child dying a slow death. Haunted by this fear of losing their children to drugs, most of the families in Punjab are either migrating out of the state or sending their children abroad. Hope recently came in the form of a 45 day long anti-drug march through the state and the government has also started recognizing the problem. We all know how grave the situation is and can only hope and pray that something is done immediately to get rid of the menace before it spoils more lives. Someone has very rightfully quoted that "Drug addiction has done to Punjab what even terrorism could not".

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