Until Death Do Us Apart!!
|   Jul 03, 2017
Until Death Do Us Apart!!

I recently came across a small piece of news somewhere,which struck a chord deep inside me. After nearly 71 years of a happy married life, a 93 year old man and his 91 year old wife died in a gap of four minutes in London.

Is this what 'Till Death Do Us Part' really mean?

There was a time not so long ago, when couples used to pledge to stay together till death separated them or this vow was an indication that the marriage bond was intended to last until death.

I am sure many of you will have viewpoints contradicting what I am writing and that is fair enough because everyone has a different way of looking at life but according to me the elderly couple in London were extremely lucky to have made their vow come true for them. Living the rest of your life without your partner can be painfully lonely for many people.

I read somewhere that it's not just cancer or heart disease that kills people, but loneliness too - and its true. It's not only about middle aged or elderly couples, many young people are achingly lonely, noticing couples in love and wondering why they can't find love or why have they lost their loved one so soon.

But everyone is not lucky to see the phrase 'till death do us part' come true for them. Life has to go on. I am sure it is very difficult to cope up with the loss of someone who is nearly a part of you. I am sure there must be times when the person feels that he/she is standing in complete darkness and life is not worth living at all. But deep down there must be some reason for that person to be still alive. The reason might take time to unveil but it's there, one just needs to have faith.

The best thing to do is to hold onto that knowledge and use it to push through to the next day. Seeing a ray of light in a very dark life can be very tough but remember that there is light always at the end of a tunnel. I know that simply writing on such a grave topic will not be of any help to someone who is going through such a phase but a little bit of hope, immense courage, and undying faith in oneself can tide the person through the toughest of situations.

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