Points to remember when you travel on a train with a baby
|   Mar 18, 2017
Points to remember when you travel on a train with a baby

I recently made a brave trip to Delhi with my 5-month-old daughter. Brave because we travelled on a train both ways. It was a crazy trip because I had family there and all my close friends live in Delhi. It was a short trip of five days so it was completely chaotic. My daughter was amazing during the train travel; I guess the movement was good for her. I, of course, didn't get any sleep because I was terrified that I'd squash my baby or that she'd wake due to discomfort. So here's what I did to ensure that didn't happen.

  • Carried a quilted bag (most amazing thing ever!) and put her in it. It ensured that she didn't sleep on the train linen and she had her own cover so I didn't have to worry about her catching a cold. Also since she was confined in the bag, there was less danger of me squashing her.


  • Carried her portable light with music in it. After my short trip to Digha a couple of months ago, I learned my lesson and ensured I carried a portable light with music in it. I played it to her for a week every time she went to sleep at home,  so when I played it on the train too, it provided comfort and a sense of familiarity.
  • Made her wear a warm onesie but not the really thick one. The child needs to feel comfortable, not hot. I had also put some layers under her onesie so that in case she felt warm (train air conditions are really strange; they either get really cold or warm. It's hardly ever the right temperature.), I could take it off. If the child feels really warm she's going to be super cranky and a super cranky baby in a train is probably the worst combination ever!
  • The journey to Delhi I lay awake because I couldn't really find the right position to sleep with her. When I did, finally, it was already time for her to wake! The best position is actually having her near your thigh and leg region and she should lie facing you.
  • Make a cocoon with the blanket so that there's no chance of the blanket going over your baby.
  • Babies don't like to eat much when they're traveling (don't know why) so try to keep the food simple. Even though my daughter's already started on solids, I saw that she preferred milk over Cerelac on the train. Thankfully I had taken the steriliser so, it wasn't difficult. But carry enough bottles because you wouldn't really be able to wash them properly on the train.

If you do plan to travel by train, make sure you have someone with you. Have all the things you need (diaper, oil cloth, diaper rash cream, wipes, sanitizer, rattles/toys, colic medicines) in an easily accessible place. I had quite an adventure and hope you do too!

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