A dream job....
|   Mar 06, 2017
A dream job....

Do we all really pursue are dreams? When we graduate do we really look 👀 for the income or do we look for working with a corporate with the zeal and passion? Do we really follow our dreams???

As the age advances our dreams become to fade off.... We start dreaming through our kids vision and imagine what they would be someday. This really puts us off and at a stage we feel point less because we could not pursue our dreams.

In today's world where women who shoulder to men at every stage of their careers, only a few reach out to the top???? Why is it so??? Every person has a mentor who he/she wish to follow. But the paths that the individual chooses, how many do get at the end?

Now a days there has been a lot of competition of startups and budding entrepreneurs who have left their corporate jobs and are pushing their dreams. At the peak of the career many young enthusiasts people have given their jobs for pursing their passion. But when it comes to women things are very different. A very few women are at the right stage of their profession, settled, have kids and are doing extremely well.

A few women have began in a very great way, they do well professional and at the peak of their career they take a break due to some reason, mostly motherhood which puts a full stop at the career. When this mother starts enjoying with the kids and gets more involved they live with a constant fear of leaving the child behind and joining for the job.

Other categories of women have evolved in a way since the very early stages of their childhood with a focus in mind to serve their families and be happy with what have around. No regrets no complaints. They have a secure feeling at home 🏡 love it.

As the international women's day is approaching near, I felt this write up would brighten ones views and make us think all about ourself .Are we at the right place? Is this what we really wanted? And ar we happy for what we are today? Today's competition is tremendous and we have to be self determined, constantly evaluating ourself without any fear then only we can reach our place.

I have landed in the place where I dreamt to be... I saw myself focusing on achieving my dream job and pursuing my dream, becoming independent, sharing the responsibility and most importantly gaining my SELF RESPECT back...I am working for my satisfaction and enjoying every moment of my life , seeing my kids grow and becoming independent. What else can I expect from life....

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