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When I was a kid, my mother used to ask me what I preferred to my snacks box. It would be simple dish which I would give it to my friends and I would take their tiffin. It would be so much fun.

But now I am a mother and a nutritionist I feel when I pack my kids tiffin , it has to be healthy and nourishing for him during the breaks. We don’t really know how much the child is going to eat, or share or would it come back? And because we are moms, are we really asking them to eat the same tiffin which we made in the morning , because we got up early, hurriedly finished our chores, and made a snack for the tiffin making it very presentable, thinking the child would eat.

Usually, in pre-schools, only snacks and finger foods can be sent, as your toddler will have lunch after he is back home from school.

Now, when your little wonder has just begun to grow up, you might see some fussiness in the eating choices of your kid. That makes it even more difficult to choose what to pack every day.

The best teaching for a child is to make him learn to choose the healthiest choices around.’


Snacks in the Tiffin box should always be healthy as it ensures healthy eating habits in your child right from the beginning.Moreover, the snacks should always be tasty, healthy and appealing enough for kids to tempt them to eat. If your kid is fussy, eating in school plays a critical role as eating in the company of other kids instills eating habit in your child.

And, normally in the company of other kids your kid always eats nicely as kids are the best in the company of other kids.

Also, the new recipes that you would learn here; try them at home first and once your kid gets the hang of it, then start packing them.

In this post are some really nice and easy suggestions for snacks recipes that can diffuse all your concerns in just one go.

10 EASY kids tiffin box ideas

The ten best snacks for your kid’s tiffin could be these:

1. Lotus seeds:

Phool makhane as they are popularly called as are extremely nutritious and tasty as well.

Just take a hand full of these makhane and roast them in some ghee for two to three minutes on a low flame.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper on it and it is ready to be packed.


Makhane are rich in protein, calcium, Zinc, carbohydrates, phosphorus, iron and thiamine.

This is in fact one of the healthiest snacks to give your child but not many people are aware of it.

2. Fruit salad:

This is handy, easy and very healthy option to try out.

Your kid may be fussy about eating some fruits and leaving others as per his taste preferences.

So, try to make the best use of company of his friends and give him a fruit salad involving all seasonal fruits.

He may be picky a few times in eating it but would accept it soon.

Usually in school kids would feel hungry after physical activities and play time and hence would eat whatever is given.

3. Sprouts:

Little planning is needed to make sprouts as you have to soak pulses a day in advance. But, it is extremely nutritious and tasty too.

Just chop some onion, coriander and ginger.

Sauté onion and ginger in some butter and add sprouts and salt to it.

Let it just mix up nicely so that the flavor of butter spreads out evenly.

Take it off and garnish with coriander.

It is ready to be packed.

Sprouts are a very rich source of protein and vitamins.

4. Paratha wraps:

Paratha Wraps are one of the most nutritious and filling meals for your toddler at school.

Cook small parathas preferably in ghee and make sure to make them small and soft.

Put a layer of sauce or jam on it depending on your kid’s liking.

Then spread a layer of cooked vegetable on it which could be any vegetable of choice. Just wrap it around and its ready to be eaten.

If your child likes it, then there is nothing better than this.

You can just serve it at any point of time as an evening snacks or as lunch or dinner.

5. Stuffed idlis

It is a mini meal in itself.

Your kid would surely love to eat potatoes as mostly all kids do.

So make a nice chatpati potato filling for this.

Pour some idli batter in the mould and then add a spoon full of this potato filling in it. Again, top it up with some more batter and let it steam for 10 to 15 minutes.

Your yummy stuffed idlis are ready to be packed.

This will be surely loved by your little one.

Just try a few someday as evening snacks and you would know how much your kid likes it.

6. Boiled Eggs

Eggs are Yummy, highly nutritious and a simple quick recipe for school snacks. However, monsoon is not the right time to feed eggs to your kid.

But, for winter, this is surely one of the best options.

Make sure, you encourage your kid to eat the egg yolk as well as it has good quality fat and is filled with lot of nutrients.

Fat helps in the brain formation of your child.

7. Raagi dosas

To your normal dosa batter just add one or two spoons full of Raagi powder and let it soak for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Your dosa batter is now rich in calcium which is most needed by your growing kid.

Just cook these dosas like how you would cook normally and serve it with some jam and sauce to cover up the slight difference in taste initially.

8. Shakes

Milk shake or fruit shakes are very filling and highly nutritious and healthy too.

All you need to make sure is to buy a spill free jar or a tumbler for your kid.

Milk shakes or fruit shakes could be made with any fruit of your kid’s choice.

And this will fill up your child well for him to feel hungry only at lunch time.

9. Bread rolls

Make some potato stuffing as per your taste.

Don’t forget to add some small veggies to it to make it nutritious.

Heat some oil for deep frying.

Take a bread loaf and dip it in water.

Take it out immediately and squeeze it by pressing in between both the hands.

This will remove excess water from it.

Put a spoon full of filling in the centre of the bread and cover it up exactly how you cover up the filling while making stuffed parathas.

Make sure the bread is sealed well from all the sides.

Deep fry it when the oil is ready and yummy bread rolls for your kid are ready to be packed.

10. Flavored curds with chopped fruits

Flavored curds could be easily made by blending milk with fruits to turn it into a smooth paste, followed by curd setting.

To make it more exciting add in some chopped fruits to it and it is a very good option to be packed in the school box.

These were some really quick and delicious recipes for your kids to be given as snacks in school box.

You can keep innovating and trying new things for your kids.

All kids love variety in food and would want to eat new things.

Make sure that the snacks that you send for kids to eat at school are yummy as well as healthy.

Kids learn to eat independently on their own in school and you should make the best use of it.


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