Weaning my child: What is the best time to start doing it??
|   May 05, 2017
Weaning my child: What is the best time to start doing it??

When your infant become 6 month and the pediatrician give you a green signal to start solid for your kid, its the best time for the Annaprashan ceremony for the kid to take place. In South Indian, this ceremony has a lot of importance given as there are many rituals being involved. 

It is also understood that the child has crossed all the barriers and the developmental stage has been good to start off solids. Many doctors have their own way of telling the parents, but the nutritionist does it in the right manner. I thought of righting this article keeping in focus of how confused are the parents of these kids, who rely more on the outside food than the kitchen based preparation which can make the kids health.

Here are a few tips to be followed which can be better for introduction solids and improving the further development as a whole.

1. Introduction of one time food at a time.

2.Start with water based preparations like rice water, dal water, soup ,coconut water. Check on the tolerance content.

3. Introduce one food item at a time. Check whether its well tolerated or not.

4. Go for pulpy fruits which can be hand smashed. All seasonal fruits are good.

5. Slowly and steadily when the kids start demanding more start with semisolid diets. these kids need to be give soft cooked food.

6. Introduction of vegetables in their daily food is also important

7. While giving food to the kids see the hygiene and its freshly prepared.

8. Kids demand finger foods by 9 months. Let them get the feel of the texture of the food. Messy surroundings are going to be for a while only. You will also enjoy seeing them eating independently.

9. While travelling food purchased off the shelf will be handy. Let them also get a taste of what is local at the destination.

10.All mothers worry for what to give.

In the interest of the kid. Let them explore their likes and dislikes. You will never have to worry for what to feed them ahead

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