A rendezvous with her father in dreams....#happyfather'sday
|   Jun 17, 2017
A rendezvous with her father in dreams....#happyfather'sday

In the middle of the night Siya was sweating badly and her heart was beating fast enough to be heard. She had this dream again. She managed to control herself as her husband and kids were in a deep sleep, and she didn't want to wake them up. Very quietly she got out of the bed, and went to another room. After sipping some water she sat on the sofa trying to recall the dream. Now she only had traces of it. She was having this same dream repeatedly after her father's death. Its been 7 years now but still she had this dream of her father being alive and trying to meet her but the dream never ended positively.In the initial years she thought its just her brain not accepting the sudden loss, but the chain never broke.

Siya loved her father more than anything else, he was her ideal, the man who was a friend more than a father. And her father loved her too with same compassion or even more. Her father was very different from others. While her friends were scared of their fathers, Siya used to share each and everything with him. He did all his best to get Siya the best possible education and always encouraged her to study. Even Siya's smallest wish became his goal to achieve. Siya was her little angel and he would do everything to make her smile.

Siya knew very well of her father's sacrifices and his unconditional love, and she was dedicated to make her father proud with all of her achievements.

Years passed, and now Siya was in her college, also supporting her family with a part time job. And during one of those job related trainings, she met Sahil. Sahil was the head of training department, and was impressed with her beauty with the brain personality. He always appreciated her for the professional performance and encouraged her as he believed she had a great potential. Slowly their professional relationship turned into personal and before they could realise they were in love. Days and nights they were talking over phone or chatting with one another.

And then they decided to get married. Siya was so confident that her father could never say NOfor anything she would ask. And Sahil was perfect for her, well educated, well settled, and most importantly he loved her. There was no reason for denial.

Sahil's family accepted his decision very easily and happily. But Siya's father very firmly said no to the relationship. And there was Siya, shattered with the announcement. She begged, she cried but nothing changed. She was completely shocked by the decision, she couldn't understand why his father said no. The person who always asked even before choosing the colour of the clothes, now saying no to her life's most important choice she made.

Siya and Sahil both made numerous attempts to convince her father but failed, at last they decided something. Next week they did a secret marriage in a temple with some friends' support. They were not happy about it but they didn't have the choice. This came as a shock to Siya's father, he never thought that Siya would turn into a rebel like this and he stopped talking to Siya. Siya never got the courage to have a word with his father and his father too never tried. Her family accepted the fact with ease and everything was normal except for the fact that her relationship with her father was changed forever.

Siya was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't realise Sahil's presence in the room. It was only when he put his head in her lap, her chain of thoughts broke. He cuddled her and she felt the warmth of his love. Sahil loved her alot and all these years passed on happily with him.

She was again lost in her thoughts when Sahil asked her why she is so lost today. Siya never told Sahil about this recurring dream, but today she was so upset that she couldn't hold back her emotions. She told him everything right from the beginning. Sahil kissed on her forehead and hugged her, he knew nothing can make her feel better than this.

Soon Siya was normal, she was feeling so light after sharing all this to him. But Sahil had something more to say," Do you remember Siya, just one month before papa's accident we were there to meet the family?" Siya nodded her head in yes.

"I had a very long conversation with papa." Sahil said. "But he was not at home when we reached and came only after you left." Siya said with anticipation. "I met him on the way and offered a ride, he accepted willingly. When ever I met him he always had a general conversation but that day he said something different of all the time. He said,"you are a good person Sahil, Siya made a good choice. I feel so happy when I see both of you together living happily. Sometimes we parents don't realise that our kids are grown up and can make their own choices. We always take care of their small likes and dislikes, but when they choose something on their own we feel left alone. I realised my mistake so late that now I don't have the time to correct it. Always keep her happy." As Sahil completed this, Siya had a peaceful smile on her face.

Now she realised the meaning of the dream she always had.

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